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Should I also understand the wrong yoga process?

2021-08-17 10:05:28

1. It is not advisable to practice yoga postures within 3 hours after eating and drinking. (However, you can eat a small amount of liquid food or beverages, such as milk, yogurt, honey, fruit juice, etc., about 1 hour before the exercise. During the exercise, drink a little water to help expel toxins from the body)

2. Do not perform yoga practice 20 minutes before bathing and 20 minutes after bathing. The former will make the body feel extremely sensitive, and the stimulation of fluctuating heat and cold will damage the body and consume the energy stored in the body. The latter will Speeding up blood circulation and softening of muscles and muscles will not only cause injuries to the body, but also increase blood pressure and increase the burden on the human heart.

3. Emotional yoga is a sport that must cooperate with the body, mind, and soul. If you are angry, anxious and nervous, your body’s muscles will become tight, and you will inevitably get hurt when you practice yoga.

Fourth, high myopia, high intraocular pressure, high myopia, the movement of forward bending or upside down will increase the intraocular pressure.

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6. What are the misunderstandings of novice yoga practice?

Misunderstanding 1: Only people with soft bodies are suitable for practicing yoga. Because of yoga, the body becomes soft, and people with non-soft bodies are suitable for practicing yoga. This is the misunderstanding of most people about yoga. In addition, yoga emphasizes moderation, and does not pursue the range of movement completion. As long as the practitioner does his best, the desired effect can be achieved.

Myth 2: Yoga is a feminine sport. Although we often see many girls practicing in yoga studios, it is not exclusively for women. Because the original creators of yoga are all men, and today's well-known yoga masters are almost all men. In some countries in Europe and America, the popularity of men practicing yoga is even higher than that of women.

Misunderstanding 3: Yoga is like jujutsu or gymnastics. Yoga is completely different from jujitsu, gymnastics, and dance. Gymnastics, jujitsu, and dance are based on performance as the main purpose, while yoga is practiced from the body, mind, and spirit. In terms of comprehensive training, the process requires the cooperation of various techniques such as posture, breathing, meditation, relaxation, etc. The purpose is complete health and self-study.

Misunderstanding 4: The higher the difficulty of the action, the better. Everyone's physical foundation is different. If there is no exercise process, it is difficult to do it all at once. And it will cause harm to the body. Generally speaking, difficult postures have high requirements on all aspects of the body, and often require long stretches or support. For some people with insufficient muscle strength and flexibility, it is easy to cause tendon injuries and also cause The joint becomes unstable.

Misunderstanding 5: Yoga can not be practiced during menstrual period. Generally speaking, yoga can be practiced every day, and it is also possible for girls during menstrual period. Proper yoga can help alleviate irregular menstruation. But the movements to be avoided are handstands and exercises for waist and abdomen strength to avoid menstrual bleeding. (Girls are optimistic about the last point!)

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7. What yoga equipment is absolutely indispensable for beginners?

1. On the yoga mat, we said that yoga does not have the limitations of venues and equipment. Almost a yoga mat can be used for practice.

There are two key issues to consider for yoga mats:

1. Material is the most important consideration. The material of the yoga mat is directly linked to the quality. Common yoga mat materials include our six types: EVA, PVC, TPE, natural rubber, cork, and linen.

2. Beginners recommend a yoga mat with a size of 6~8mm, advanced ones choose a yoga mat with 3~6mm, and a yoga expert choose a yoga mat with 1.5~3mm. Let me explain to you that the thick yoga mat used for beginners in yoga will have a good cushioning effect on the joints of the hands and feet, and it is not easy to be injured. Perceive the ground.

2. Yoga towels are easy to sweat during the course of practicing yoga. The yoga towels on the yoga mats can play a good anti-slip effect, and the yoga mats in public places are cleaner with your own yoga towels. .

3. Auxiliary equipment Yoga balls, yoga bricks, yoga chairs, stretching straps... For beginners, when the body muscles are not opened, some auxiliary tools are needed to perceive and feel each action, but the premise is Be sure to ask your own yoga instructor, everyone depends on their physical condition.

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