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Yoga dry goods for beginners~

one. What is the difference between yoga and fitness?

1. Appropriate equipment must be found for each link of exercise equipment and fitness on the field. According to different needs, choose different fitness equipment. The requirements on the field are relatively high, and it may be difficult for some office workers who do not have enough time. , And yoga can be practiced by preparing a yoga mat. There is no limitation of venue and equipment.

2. In terms of effect, first of all, yoga is a balanced exercise, and flexibility and strength can be practiced, and it also improves the function of the cardiopulmonary system. Fitness is a targeted exercise, and different parts of the body have different fitness equipment. Achieve targeted training.

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Secondly, in terms of weight loss and shaping, fitness is mainly aimed at reducing body fat and consuming physical energy and calories. The main function is to reduce the weight value. However, it is difficult for general sports and fitness to achieve the purpose of shaping, and muscle lines are also difficult. Get reshaped.

Yoga exercises can effectively shape the body and make the body lines more compact and beautiful. Therefore, yoga is more suitable for those who do not need to lose a lot of weight, but only need a simple body weight.

3. What can yoga bring me?

Speed ​​up metabolism, remove waste from the body, and regulate endocrine. Promote body repair, effectively shape and enhance body strength and body elasticity, increase disease resistance, prevent and treat various physical and mental related diseases, such as shoulder and neck pain, headache, joint pain, insomnia, dysmenorrhea, etc.

Regulate the body and mind system, decompress and nourish the mind, calm the mind, cultivate the mind and nourish the sex, and the most important point-live longer. The study found that yoga affects all parts of longevity, the brain, glands, spine and internal organs. This time successfully gave me a reason to practice~

4. Should beginners practice in a yoga studio or at home?

It is recommended that beginners go to the yoga studio for professional guidance exercises. When beginners practice yoga, they are not familiar with the various yoga asanas, and the movements in books or videos cannot be done. Even if they are barely consistent, it is difficult to control their own breathing in the initial stage. Long-term irregular practice adds The wrong way of breathing can cause physical strain or sprain,

And if you don’t know your goal, your body, or your limits, you will practice blindly, which will inevitably increase the chance of injury and bring certain damage to your body.

In severe cases, there may be a "yoga disease." In addition, for boys and children who have relatively small demands on themselves, they practice yoga at home without supervision. If they feel tired after practicing for a while, they will start to relax themselves... chase a drama, eat a snack... ·There is only one result-you just struggled with your tears and sweat. Yoga practice is completely useless for skr··

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·Four, the correct way to open yoga?

1. Time Generally speaking, people use morning, noon, dusk or before going to bed to practice yoga postures. In fact, as long as you keep an empty stomach, you can practice at any time of the day. However, it is not suitable to practice after a meal (within 3 hours).

In the eyes of real yogis, 4~6 in the morning is the best time to practice yoga, because at this time everything is silent, the atmosphere is the purest, gastrointestinal activities are basically stopped, the brain is not active, and it is easy to enter the deep practice of yoga. state.

2. Location It is best to practice yoga in a clean and comfortable room with enough space for stretching and avoid getting close to any furniture. The air in the room is fresh and circulated, and oxygen can be inhaled freely. You can put green plants or aromatherapy, you can also play soft music to help relax your nerves.

3. Clothing: When practicing yoga postures, you should wear loose and soft yoga clothes. Cotton and linen are the best ones. Breathability must be ensured and the body is not restricted during practice. Shoes must be taken off, watches, glasses, belts and other accessories should be taken off.

4. Props For practicing yoga, it is better to use a professional yoga mat. When the ground is too hard or uneven, the yoga mat can play a buffering role to keep the body balanced.

Do not practice on a hard floor or a bed that is too soft, and be careful not to let your feet slip. Beginners can use some props to assist in practicing certain postures, such as yoga bricks, yoga balls, walls, etc.

5. The cooperation of some simple and rhythmic breathing and movements before the warm-up yoga practice will allow the heart to supply a large amount of fresh blood to all parts of the body during this process, so that the temperature of all parts of the body will gradually rise, and the lungs The breathing depth will also deepen, and the oxygen content in the blood will increase, so as to make sufficient preparations for the following exercises. If you do some high-intensity exercises at the beginning, it will strain your joints and damage your body.

6. Breathing Yoga Breathing is the beginning of yoga practice. It can regulate people's breath, unblock the meridians, and eliminate exhaust gas. Beginners may not be able to keep up with this rhythm, so take your time and gradually control the rhythm of breathing in various movements.

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Five, the wrong yoga process should also be understood?

1. It is not advisable to practice yoga postures within 3 hours after eating and drinking. (However, you can eat a small amount of liquid food or beverages, such as milk, yogurt, honey, fruit juice, etc., about 1 hour before the exercise. During the exercise, drink a little water to help expel toxins from the body)

2. Do not perform yoga practice 20 minutes before bathing and 20 minutes after bathing. The former will make the body feel extremely sensitive, and the stimulation of fluctuating heat and cold will damage the body and consume the energy stored in the body. The latter will Speeding up blood circulation and softening of muscles and muscles will not only cause injuries to the body, but also increase blood pressure and increase the burden on the human heart.

3. Emotional yoga is a sport that must cooperate with the body, mind, and soul. If you are angry, anxious and nervous, your body’s muscles will become tight, and you will inevitably get hurt when you practice yoga.

Fourth, high myopia, high intraocular pressure, high myopia, the movement of forward bending or upside down will increase the intraocular pressure.