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  • Release on2022-12-02
    Athletic leggings are more focused on supporting the leg muscles, with some compression properties. Because this can better alleviate the accumulation of lactic acid during exercise.....Read More
  • Release on2022-12-01
    Be sure to warm up before exercising, let your body warm up before exercising, and relax after exercising. At the same time, change into dry clothes and keep warm, so that your body can gradually adapt to the lower temperature in the air, so as to avoid the occurrence of Accident....Read More
  • Release on2022-11-30
    Sportswear often uses cotton and polyester fiber fabrics, among which polyester fiber is the majority. Polyester fiber is also called polyester, because its quick-drying advantage is not available in other fabrics. Polyester has many excellent textile properties and usability....Read More
  • Release on2022-11-29
    Neoprene sauna suits wear sweat-enhancing sensation that will boost perspiration by up to 3 times, when you’re being active....Read More
  • Release on2022-11-25
    The generation of static electricity is mainly caused by the friction between the clothes or the clothes and the body. Especially in winter, the body will feel more static electricity....Read More
  • Release on2022-11-24
    For yoga beginners, clothing is the most basic equipment. The movements of yoga are relatively soft, but the amplitude is relatively large, so the elasticity of yoga clothes must be good....Read More
  • Release on2022-11-23
    As the second skin of the human body, underwear should feel as comfortable as not wearing it. Therefore, the body feeling of the primary fabric must be comfortable, and it is best to use soft yarn fabrics....Read More
  • Release on2022-11-22
    Although the size of sports bras is not more accurate than ordinary underwear, there are still S, M, and L sizes. According to your exercise intensity and the size of your chest, choose the right sports bra for you. Only the right size can effectively support the chest and produce the best shockproof effect. ...Read More
  • Release on2022-11-19
    A sports vest for running is basically the most minimalist design in clothes. It is a simple piece of clothing with only two pieces of cloth stitched together, so the fabric determines the wearing experience....Read More
  • Release on2022-11-18
    Why do many people now wear compression garments when running and strength training? Because compression clothing can help fix the swaying chest and leg muscles during running, compress the muscles to prevent injury, and improve the efficiency of fitness exercises to burn fat....Read More
  • Release on2022-11-17
    The three-dimensional cutting material of the shaping underwear according to the ergonomic principle is more in line with the characteristics of the human body structure, adjusts the distribution of body fat, and creates a beautiful curve sexy and charming....Read More
  • Release on2022-11-16
    Shapewear has no season, if the environment is comfortable, it can be worn in both summer and winter. As far as the weather is concerned, compared to the heat of summer, wearing it in winter will make you feel more comfortable and can also add a bit of warmth....Read More
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