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Can I wash my underwear overnight? How to choose underwear based on hip type?

2021-08-13 10:34:20

Although we are in close contact with underwear every day, there are actually many girls who don’t know enough about it. How can such a little baby who is related to our lifelong blessing not hold it in the palm of my hand?

Everyone knows that underwear is used to protect us, but what exactly are they protecting? Many girls can't answer, in fact, there are three functions of underwear

The first is the occlusion function, to prevent our private parts from being peeped or violated, and to protect our privacy
The second is the blocking function, which prevents the invasion of private parts by external dirt, bacteria, etc.
The last is the isolation function, which separates the private parts and the trousers, reduces the friction of the trousers on the private parts and the skin of the vulva, and protects the skin.

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There are many shapes and styles of underwear, representing different performances and effects

The first is Classic briefs-traditional underwear, that is, underwear that can wrap the entire private parts and hips. This kind of underwear is generally mid-waisted, and the waist height is about 3cm below the belly button. There are also some high-waist models with the waist height above the belly button.

The design of traditional underwear is the design that best fits the curve of the human body. If the size is selected correctly, there will be no sense of pressure and restraint, but there is no aesthetics.

High-cut — High-cut panties, also known as French-cut, compared to traditional panties, high-cut panties have less fabric on both sides and are pulled up from the root of the thigh. Nearly 1/3 of the buttocks cannot Be wrapped up.

This kind of underwear is mostly low-waisted, so the comfort is not as good as the traditional type, but it is visually more sexy and beautiful

Control panties — Adjustable panties, namely shaping panties, with a high waist, which can wrap the entire privates, hips, waist, and even ribs. Generally, they are made of very tight but highly elastic fabrics, which are tightly wrapped and lifted. The whole buttocks and abdomen are specially designed for women with body shaping needs.

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Hipsters — low-waist underwear, a low-waist version of traditional underwear, can also wrap the entire privates and buttocks, but the waist is very low, and the height is less than 8cm below the waist. This kind of underwear is suitable for wearing low-rise bottoms and has a strong aesthetic .

Bikinis-Bikinis underwear, similar to low-waist underwear, but with a lower waist, basically just covering the hip bone, exposing a large area of ​​upper thigh skin, which can wrap the entire private part and most of the buttocks.

There is also a string bikini that has no fabric on the waist and only a rope.
Boyshorts — Unisex boxer briefs, also called boylegs, evolved from male boxer briefs
It can wrap the entire private parts and buttocks. It is available in both high-waist and low-waist models. It is very comfortable to wear. It will not risk the thigh roots like briefs. It has excellent concealment and looks in appearance. Very playful and age, but not sexy

Tangas — half-wrapped panties, a type of pants between bikini panties and thongs
2/3 of the hips will be exposed, with high waists and middle waists and low waists, but most of them are low waists
Some bolder girls will use it instead of bikini underwear to show off their figure at the beach, and some for fun

Thongs — Thongs, finally the sexiest one! The thong is also called T-BACK. It is named after the shape is very similar to the T-shape. Its hips are designed with extremely narrow buttocks, and it is known as the incarnation of sexiness.

Thongs can hardly cover any buttocks, only a very narrow piece of fabric is left between the two buttocks to connect the front and back parts, which means that almost the entire buttocks are exposed, which is extremely sexy

G-string — Thin-line thongs. The difference from thongs is that there is less fabric. The two pieces of fabric are connected by only one line. It is also the panty type with the least materials on the market, and naturally the most exposed. Pants type, thong due to its special design, it is not particularly comfortable to wear, but its aesthetics is higher than the sky, and it is simply the king of sexy.

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Some people say that thongs are harmful to health. There is no confirmation about this claim.
But theoretically, thongs will indeed weaken the three functions of underwear (blocking, blocking, isolation). It can neither protect privacy, nor effectively block the invasion of bacteria and isolate the friction of the pants, so it may indeed hurt sensitive private parts.

So when you feel obvious discomfort in a thong, you must stop immediately
The choice of underwear is first of all from the comfort level, and then the aesthetic level.

First of all, you should choose loose and comfortable underwear. Avoid wearing tight underwear. First, tight underwear will compress the genitals and cause damage to the private parts. Secondly, if the waist is too tight, it will also compress the abdomen, which is very unfavorable to women's physical health.

However, if you occasionally need to wear some T-backs for some special reasons, it’s okay.

The second is the choice of materials, try to choose natural materials, such as pure cotton, silk, silk, etc., do not choose man-made materials or synthetic materials

Then try to choose a fabric with good air permeability and good sweat absorption. Women’s lower body is inherently wet. Underpants with poor air permeability will make the private parts stuffy, which is really uncomfortable.

Among them, the cotton and linen blended material has the best air permeability, which is suitable for relatively sultry weather, or you can choose modal, which is also natural fiber, and has good moisture absorption and air permeability.

In winter, you can choose pure cotton underwear with a thicker texture. The cotton underwear is soft and safe, and has good moisture absorption, but it has general air permeability and is not easy to dry after absorbing sweat, so it is more suitable for winter

Bamboo fiber, which was very popular in the past few years, is also a good choice. It not only has good air permeability and moisture absorption, but also has natural antibacterial function.