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Company news

Yoga pants are no longer just the darling of the gym. Wearing them out of the street is the most con
Release on2021-09-18Driven by the trend of sports, girls who love sports have pushed the sports style to the forefront. Even the gym style of celebrities is also very fas...Read More
Title:Hold on! We will continue in the second half of the year!
Release on2019-09-0616th March,2019. Ping-pong game. Spring naps, unconscious of the dawn. Spring naps? It is not exist in S-SHAPER,Ping-pong game is coming,let’s start!...Read More
What is Emana Beauty Fiber?
Release on2019-06-26Emana:is a smart yarn that takes care of the beauty of your skin. It’s innovative technology with bioactive minerals, improves the skin appearance, i...Read More
S-Shaper & Shenzhen Baoan International Marathon
Release on2018-12-30S-Shaper & Shenzhen Baoan International Marathon --Short gathering, But I am sure we shall meet soon. The year 2018 is gone too soon. To us, the words...Read More
Go all in to win the battle
Release on2018-09-28A drum and a good fight, go all out to Aish 1. Prepare for the battle, swear the goal, set the benchmark Baoan in August and September is doomed to be...Read More
We are S-Shaper, we are family.
Release on2017-07-12Unknowingly, the company's weekly meeting again, unlike the past, S-Shaper ushered in five lively and lovely new colleagues, their arrival has injected fresh blood into the company, adding new hope!Read More
We are S-SHAPER ! We can be the WINNER !
Release on2017-08-28At the end of 8 2017, Alibaba Baoan "千橙百圈3.0" war started.Read More
S-SHAPER cast excellent team to create brilliant business
Release on2018-08-03In from July 27th to 29th, S-Shaper organized a 3 day Xiamen team tour. This tour is the first combination of S-Shaper Shenzhen Team and Wuhan Team. It is not only the company's humanistic concern for team work in the first half of the year, but also a new journey for team work in the second half of the year.Read More
Thanksgiving together, dreams go forward S-Shaper 2017 meeting
Release on2018-01-27On January 27, 2018, in order to summarize the past and look forward to the future, we will further promote the spirit of the company, enhance the internal communication of employees, and show the style of employees. S-Shaper held the annual meeting of the company with the theme of “grateful companionship and dreams ahead”.Read More
S-Shaper 5th anniversary celebration and relocation celebration concluded successfully
Release on2018-06-05S-Shaper 5th anniversary celebration and relocation celebration concluded successfullyRead More
Heyuan two day tour
Release on2017-12-06From December 3rd to 4th, in order to enhance team cohesion, promote team communication and enrich the amateur culture and entertainment life, S-Shaper organized a two-day tour of Heyuan. Early in the morning, the interactive game on the car does not stop, everyone is enthusiastic,...Read More
"千橙百圈3.0"Summary Conference
Release on2017-10-02The war ushered in the end. On September 30, 2017, S-Shaper held a summary meeting and awards ceremony for the "千橙百圈3.0" war within the company.Read More