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Quality control of S-SHAPER underwear

S-SHAPER 2022-07-11 11:38:25

Women's underwear is an indispensable personal thing for every woman. The quality of underwear is also directly related to the comfort and beauty of women's wearing, and it is more directly related to the health of women's breasts.



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Our S-SHAPER high-quality underwear brings a better product experience to consumers and protects the breast health of women. From design to proofing to final production, a piece of our underwear will go through multiple strict inspection procedures. Test the improvement, improve the test again, and do it in a cycle of dozens to dozens of times.

For example, washing test: we all know that the shrinkage rate of different materials is different, and an underwear will have different surface accessories. If the difference in shrinkage rate is large, the underwear will be particularly easy to lose shape. Therefore, our underwear research and development personnel conduct repeated washing tests for each new product until the most suitable version is tested.



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We S-SHAPER strictly controls the processing technology of the production line. After multiple strict inspections, we prevent the occurrence of defective products. Once a piece of underwear is found to be of unqualified quality, all production lines will immediately stop operation, investigate the reasons, and start the whole line work after the quality problem is solved.