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Industry news

  • Release on2022-08-16
    Ice silk textured underwear is silky and not easy to damage delicate skin. In addition, ice silk is cooler and not easy to sweat, which can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria and body odor, which is very good for women....Read More
  • Release on2022-08-15
    The special shapewear for liposuction is suitable for use after liposuction. It can control postoperative swelling and congestion, fit the skin, assist the soft tissue to restore shape, and shape the body....Read More
  • Release on2022-08-12
    The printed latex corset has an excellent eye-catching effect, which can easily create a novel and fashionable outfit, and it looks good with a simple T-shirt or knitted sweater. Below we S-SHAPER recommend 2 printed latex waist belts and vests, so that you have more choices in matching....Read More
  • Release on2022-08-11
    Yoga clothing belongs to the category of intimate underwear, and should pay more attention to its health characteristics. People will sweat a lot during exercise....Read More
  • Release on2022-08-10
    We S-SHAPER compression stockings use the principle of "vein hydrodynamics" and adopt a progressive partial pressure design, which will not cause the burden of excessive pressure, and can effectively prevent leg fatigue, beautifying the curve of the legs....Read More
  • Release on2022-08-09
    Sports bra is designed to protect the body during exercise, so it will be very tight, and also to reduce the damage caused by the chest shaking during exercise. So how do we tell if a sports bra fits?...Read More
  • Release on2022-08-08
    S-SHAPER Thong Panties manufacturer sell thongs are comfortable and sexy. It can keep you in summer show a beautiful hip shape, which is more vivid when you wear a skirt....Read More
  • Release on2022-08-05
    Facial liposuction is a good choice for beauty-loving people who have a lot of fat accumulation on the face, bloated face, no sense of contour, and do not want to lose weight. So why wear a recovery mask after surgery?...Read More
  • Release on2022-08-02
    In the hot summer, many people feel that they cannot wear shapewear, but in the current summer, we are basically in an air-conditioned room. And summer is the season to show off your figure, you can still show off your beauty in summer-specific ultra-thin bodysuits....Read More
  • Release on2022-07-26
    The panty specially used for sports is breathable and sweat-wicking, with good elasticity and compression, and it is close to the skin, which can avoid friction injuries....Read More
  • Release on2022-07-25
    Shapewear has an indispensable role in correcting body shape and improving temperament. Everyone's body is different, so choosing a shapewear should be the right medicine, and the one that fits is the first choice....Read More
  • Release on2022-07-22
    I want to believe that many men like to go shirtless in the summer. On the one hand, it is to show off their figure. On the other hand, it is more convenient to see whether the movements and muscle trends are properly exercised....Read More
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