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S-Shaper & Shenzhen Baoan International Marathon

  • Author:Shaper
  • Release on:2018-12-30

S-Shaper & Shenzhen Baoan International Marathon
--Short gathering, But I am sure we shall meet soon.

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The year 2018 is gone too soon. To us, the words "marathon" is strange and familiar.
However, life is movement, and Marathon, as a competitive sports that all people can participate in, is a test of our determination and perseverance.
Two days before the end of 2018, The staffs of our S-shaper International Limited not only drew a perfect end for ourselves on the marathon track in 2018, but also get ready to welcome the new coming year of 2019 in our best condition.

1. In the last two days of 2018, Shenzhen sucesfully enter into winter (become very cold).  In the early morning of less than 6 o'clock, it was dark and very cold outside, and also the subway has not started operation yet.
But this does not affect our enthusiasm for the competition at all. All our S-Shaper staffs arrived at the gathering place in time, waiting for admission!

2. The day just getting dawned and everyone finally assembled. Let's take a beautiful group photo to commemorate the first marathon of our life.
As the banner says, As a young team, S-Shaper must be Passionate, Energetic, United and Uplifting!

3. During the time we prepared for admission, we took many pictures with our lovely company cultural cards to commemorate this special experience.
It is worth noting that many peopel like our culture cards, especially the one -- "three elements of success: first is persist, second is thick skin, and the third is persist a thick skin",
The contestants are scrambling to take photos for our cultural cards!
Hey... the contestants taking photos, stay there, please! To take photos for our beautiful ladies and our lovely cultural cards is charged (=need to help us advertise)! lol... just a joke!

Congratuations for our S-Shaper F4's first center debut in the marathon track~~

On the starting line, there are a lot of "cosplay" man! Of course we should take a group photo with the role player of the emperor and the mammon, hoping our S-Shaper can have great fortune and great wealth in 2019~

4. At 7:30am , the gunfire of starting running sounded on time. Ready, run! Running, S-SHAPER!

5. S-Shaper Staffs are all great to finish their first run here, there is no doubt that we need to take photos with our gold medal to commemorate it!

6. However, one of our S-Shaper staffs named Li Xin was participated Half Marathon, and his record is --- 2 hours, 13 minutes, 57 seconds! He is so amazing and awesome!

7. Dec. 30, 2018 is a memorable time for S-Shaper!

In 2018, we have struggled, worked hard, harvested and enjoyed. And on this day, we are more sure that we all have great potential!
It's the sports spirit of "Higher, Faster, and Stronger" that promote us to sweat in the arena, to challenge ourselves in the arena.
In the future work and life, I believe our S-Shaper family will be more united and upward!
Even the game and the year of 2018 are over, in the new year, we will let our dream be the guiding start and continue to move forward with it!

Shenzhen Baoan International Marathon - Even gathering time is short, We shall meet again soon.

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