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Fitness Tips | What should I pay attention to before and after exercise?

Do not drink a lot of water during and after strenuous exercise

During strenuous exercise, salt in the body is excreted with a large amount of sweat. Excessive drinking will reduce the osmotic pressure of the blood, destroy the balance of water and salt metabolism in the body, affect the normal physiological functions of the human body, and even cause muscle spasms.

During exercise, it is necessary to increase the frequency of heartbeat and breathing to increase blood and oxygen to meet the needs of exercise. Drinking a lot of water will make the stomach swell and fill, hinder the activity of the diaphragm, and affect breathing; the increase in blood circulation increases the burden on the heart, which is not only unfavorable for exercise, but also hurts the heart.

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Do not exercise after meals

Because more blood is needed to flow to the gastrointestinal tract after a meal to help digest food and absorb nutrients, if you participate in exercise at this time, it will cause blood to flow to the limbs and hinder gastrointestinal digestion, which will lead to diseases over time. The blood pressure of the infirm will drop after eating, which is called hypotension after meal, and it is easy to fall when going out. Long-term exercise after meals is prone to appendicitis.

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Don't squat to rest

This is a very common practice. If you feel tired after the exercise, you can squat or sit down to save effort and rest. In fact, this is a wrong practice. If you squat and rest immediately after a fitness exercise, it will hinder the blood return of the lower limbs, affect blood circulation, and deepen body fatigue. Gravitational shock will occur in severe cases


1. Do not eat 2 hours before exercise. It is best to eat some beef or lean pork 3 hours before exercise, but greasy puffed food is not recommended;

2. Do not drink a lot of water before exercising. It is recommended to drink a small amount of normal saline in small sips;

3. Do not wear soft-soled shoes for running, high jump, long jump and other sports, and the shoelaces should not be too long;

4. You should rest as soon as possible the night before, check your sports equipment, and do things that usually make you happy