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Are the compression leg covers show off or are they really useful?

All kinds of compression equipment are not uncommon in marathon competitions, such as compression leg covers, compression socks, compression clothing, compression pants, compression armguards, what role does compression equipment play in running? Is it really useful or psychological comfort?

Take the most commonly used China Workout Leg Sleeves Wholesales as an example. Its essence is a high-elastic woven fabric with a small caliber, so that it can be fully wrapped and bound to the calf to play a role.

But in fact, the real compression equipment is based on a basic medical concept: the use of elastic gradient fabrics to create a pressure difference, so as to better promote the flow of blood and lymph in the body.

1. Compression stockings originally originated from medical use

Medical compression stockings have been used in patients with chronic venous insufficiency decades ago. They can improve venous blood return and reduce swelling and thrombosis of lower limbs by generating gradient pressure from bottom to top.

In sports, the purpose of compression equipment design is to use gradient elasticity to improve sports performance and speed up recovery. Although there are still controversies about compression equipment, a considerable amount of research shows that compression equipment does have a certain effect.

Today, we take the most commonly used compression leg sleeves as an example, and use scientific research to analyze whether its claimed function really exists.

2. Can compressed leg covers improve running performance?

1. The principle of compressing leg sleeves to improve performance

Compression leg cuffs squeeze blood vessels in order to allow more blood and oxygen to be supplied to the muscles, so that oxygen and energy substances can enter the muscles faster, and also help metabolic waste and carbon dioxide to be expelled from the muscles faster. In theory, this will help improve energy production efficiency and allow runners to run faster.

2. Can compressing leg covers improve athletic performance?

A study by the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom found that in high-intensity endurance running, lower limb compression clothing can increase blood flow and reduce heart rate, which means that this research supports the selling point that compression equipment can improve athletic performance.

Based on scientific research data with different results, a more consistent view on whether compression equipment can improve athletic performance is: compression equipment can’t really effectively improve performance. You can’t usually run without running. You can expect to run with a pair of compression leg covers. Finished the marathon, so it does not give you the motivation to move forward.

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4. Can compressed leg covers accelerate the recovery from fatigue after running?

1. The working principle of compression leg sleeves to accelerate recovery

Wearing compression leg cuffs after exercise can help to remove metabolic waste by accelerating blood flow, and timely introduce the substances needed for muscle repair and reconstruction.

2. The impact of compression leg covers on fatigue recovery

Some studies have shown that athletes and people who have been flying for a long time feel less soreness after wearing compression leg wraps. Scientists at the University of Exeter measured the physical recovery and the degree of muscle soreness on the first 1-4 days after heavy-duty strength exercises.

They found that subjects who wore compression leg cuffs for another 24 hours after exercise significantly reduced their subjective muscle soreness, indicating that compression leg cuffs have the effect of accelerating recovery and eliminating fatigue faster.

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5, the function summary of the compression leg cover

It seems that the compression leg cuff has a limited effect in improving sports performance. It is hoped that the compression leg cuff can improve the pace. Basically, it is not very useful. The usefulness also comes from the psychological effect.

The compression equipment has a more positive role in delaying the occurrence of fatigue, eliminating muscle pain and promoting fatigue recovery. For mass runners, wearing a pair of compression leg covers during horse racing is generally recommended.