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How to distinguish the quality of the shapewear material

2021-07-26 10:18:56

I believe that fitness is a very important thing for all female friends. How to make the body look better, at least to look better, is a problem that all female friends care about every day.

1: Strength and tension of shapewear Generally speaking, the effect of elastic shapewear is better. This can make certain adjustments when the body changes.

But don't choose the kind of too strong shapewear, because to achieve a good shape effect, the shapewear must There is a stable size, so it is best to understand it clearly before buying to see its recovery speed, and choose a micro-elastic body shaper as much as possible.

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2: The material of the shapewear Shapewear is generally worn inside, so it must be soft, comfortable, breathable, and strong perspiration.

Therefore, you must understand the material of the shapewear when choosing a suitable one to avoid irritation to the skin, so as to ensure that women wear for a long time. In this case, there is no sultry or sweating rash.

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3: The design of shapewear High-quality shapewear manufacturers generally design special shapes for important parts such as the chest support, waist, back, and buttocks to ensure a full range of body shaping effects, and the overall design of the shapewear conforms to the requirements of the human body curve.

4: The tightness of the shapewear You must know that the tighter the body shaper is, the better. It must be evenly applied to all parts of the body to get the same pressure on the whole body.

This pressure can massage the fat and make the subcutaneous fat evenly distributed, so before buying Measure your body shape first, and choose the right size, too tight shapewear, will be uncomfortable due to too much pressure, and even due to lymphatic compression, resulting in edema. In addition, the effect of one-piece shapewear will be better.

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