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How to choose a suitable yoga suit by fabric color style?

Yoga clothes are especially spiritual. A high-quality yoga clothes suit can make you feel comfortable and sensual to Zen.

Yoga clothes generally use soft, breathable and sweat-absorbent fabrics. Nowadays, there are more and more diversified clothes that are suitable for exercise on the market. How can I choose a yoga suit that suits me?


1: The texture of the China Yoga Sets Wholesales Factory: mainly made of cotton, hemp or bamboo fiber, because cotton, hemp or bamboo fiber has good air permeability and sweat absorption, and it is very soft, and will not make your body feel tight and bound. .

In addition, you can also choose to add some Lycra materials to the cotton fabric to increase the elasticity of the clothes.

2: The style of the yoga suit: concise, generous and neat. Don't have too many ornaments (especially metal), bands or knots on your clothes to prevent chrome from causing unnecessary damage to your body. The limbs should be stretched freely, and the whole body should not feel restrained.

3: China Fitness Yoga Sets Manufacturer style: Don’t tie the cuffs of the top tightly, but open it naturally; the trousers should be tight or tied, because there are some back-up movements in yoga, and the tight mouth can prevent the trousers from sliding down.

Winter clothes are mainly trousers and long clothes. In summer, short pants can be worn with long trousers.

4: The color of the yoga suit: try to choose a refreshing and elegant color, and the best color is pure color, which can relax your optic nerves and calm yourself down quickly.

Don't let the color jump and garish too much, and try not to wear the color that makes you excited when practicing yoga.

5: The style of China Yoga Wear Manufacturers: To highlight individuality, you can choose clothing with Indian national style, loose and natural, and there is a sense of elegant and free and easy mystery when you wear it;

There is also a modern style of fitness clothes, which are tight and elastic, and can also bring out a beautiful figure. Generally, it is more suitable to practice hot yoga. You can choose according to your preferences.

6: Number of yoga clothing suits: Generally, two or more sets of yoga clothing should be prepared so that we can change them in time, especially for hot yoga.

But one thing that needs to be mentioned is: for the ancient yoga practice: it is believed that we should always wear the same clothes instead of washing when practicing yoga, which will help yoga practice.

Of course, this is very difficult for us modern people, so we don't recommend it, just understand it as knowledge.