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You must pay attention to these details when you wear shapewear after liposuction surgery!

2021-07-22 15:07:54
Liposuction surgery is generally recommended to wear shapewear for at least 2 months after surgery. The shapewear is a three-dimensional cut material based on the principles of ergonomics, which is more in line with the characteristics of the human body structure, adjusts the distribution of body fat, and shapes a beautiful curve.

The role of shapewear

1. Shaping effect: continuous pressure has a shaping effect on fat tissue, and it is also conducive to uniform distribution of fat particles remaining in the suction part.

It has been observed in clinical practice that if the bandage is uneven, fat accumulation may occur in the loosely bandaged area, resulting in uneven skin.

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2. Fixing function: elastic clothing can resist gravity and fix the fat layer of the skin in the correct position. After a period of time, the fat layer of the skin can adhere to the deep fat in the correct position to prevent the skin flap from falling off and sagging and forming a golf bag-like deformity.

3. Pressure chase effect: It can reduce bleeding and tissue edema, avoid local accumulation of exudate and form hematoma or seroma, and speed up postoperative recovery time.

The pressure of the elastic compression suit should be moderate, and the size should play a role in shaping and fixing. However, excessive pressure can easily lead to complications such as phlebitis and venous thrombosis.

What is the principle of buying shapewear?

1. Don't use home shapewear, but use special shapewear for liposuction.

2. The pressure of the shapewear should not be too high, the pressure should be moderate and even.

3. The shapewear should completely cover or even exceed the liposuction area.

4. The size of the shapewear should not be too small, and change the size in time after the swelling is reduced.

5. There is no need to buy a lot of shapewear. According to the recovery situation, you can buy as you wear them to reduce waste.

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What details should be paid attention to when choosing a shapewear?

1. Involving thigh ring suction, it is recommended to buy long-leg shaping pants (trouser legs all the way to the ankle). The calf will be swollen after the operation, and moderate pressure will help reduce the swelling.

Usually low-waist shaping pants are fine, but for those who are taller than 170cm or with large hips, you can buy high-waist shaping pants to avoid tight hips.

In the future, those who plan to do waist and abdomen ring suction can buy high-waist shaping pants, which can cover the waist, abdomen, and legs.

In the early postoperative period, you can buy stretch pants with full zipper closure on the side, which is convenient to put on and take off, and is convenient for going to the toilet and changing clothes. When the pain of putting on and taking off the stretch pants is relieved, it can be replaced with stretch pants without zippers.

2. Involving waist and abdomen ring suction, it is recommended to buy a shapewear that extends from the bottom of the breast to the root of the thigh. The compression range is large and it is more comfortable to wear. People who have a small area of ​​liposuction on the waist and abdomen can also buy waist clips.

3. Involving buttocks filling, liposuction of the upper and lower legs or waist and abdomen is generally carried out at the same time. The shapewear is purchased by the waist and abdomen ring suction or the waist and abdomen ring suction. The buttocks filling can be cut to reduce the pressure in the filling area.

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4. Involving liposuction on the upper arm, choose the style that is connected to the back.

5. When it comes to back liposuction, the shapewear should cover from the bottom of the neck to near the ribs. Liposuction on the back, the body shaper should not be too tight. When sleeping, the weight of the body will naturally compress the back.

6. When it comes to facial liposuction, the mask should cover the chin margin and the pressure should be moderate.

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