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The choice of body shaping clothes and the main points of wearing

2021-08-06 10:44:42

First of all, determine whether to wear a split or a body shape suit according to your height:

With 170 cm as the limit, both of them can be lower than this. The one above this is the best choice for one-piece shapewear, because if you choose a split body, the position of the lower abdomen may not be able to hold it.
(What? How to choose exactly 170 cm? Well, whatever)

Second, choose short-sleeved shorts or long-sleeved trousers according to the season:

This is very simple, you can decide the style of the shapewear according to the outerwear; in addition, it is reminded that the shapewear (black) can be worn as leggings, but the skin color is free. Don't expect it to be a "light leg artifact" .

Third, choose the strength of the Corset Sexy Body Shapers wholesales according to your body's ability to withstand pressure:

The strongest one is the one that can be worn within 30 days after liposuction. Of course, the price is about twice that of the daily version. If there is no special need, choose the daily body sculpting version.

Fourth, breasted and non-breasted:

I personally suggest that you choose the breasted style, which is convenient for adjustment. If you really can't hold on when you just wear the shapewear, it doesn't hurt to unbutton the breasts;

If it is a non-breasted model, you feel too pressure to resist, and it is a one-piece model, when it is inconvenient to change clothes... That kind of feeling can make you irresistible.

Fifth, check whether the shapewear is suitable:

Too tight is bad for blood circulation, breathing and digestion, but too loose has no effect. Personal experience believes that the suitability of shapewear can be measured from the following points:

Heart rate changes: It should be 10-15 beats per minute more than when you are not wearing it. That is to say, your heart rate is 70 beats per minute when you are not wearing it, and 80-85 beats per minute after wearing it is a better range.

Changes in breathing: Due to pressure, breathing will become deeper or more frequent, and it is advisable to increase it by 5-10 times per minute. Vital capacity will also become smaller, about 1/3 to 1/2 of that when not worn

For example, when the vital capacity is 3000 ml when not worn, it can be 1500-2000 ml after wearing it. The body needs a period of time to adapt to the decrease in vital capacity.

In normal times, try to develop the habit of deep abdominal breathing and maintain the original number of breaths, which is also good for the body.

Changes in digestion: The daily defecation time may be delayed. For example, when you are not wearing it, you may have a bowel movement at 6 o'clock in the morning. It is advisable to lag 2-4 hours after you put on the shapewear. If you lag more than 6 hours, consider whether you are too tight.

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Changes in urination: After putting on the shapewear, the bladder will be compressed, so the number of times to go to the bathroom will increase by about 1/2 every day. Those who travel far need to consider carefully. The volume of urine will also decrease each time, especially during the adaptation period.

Changes in measurements: After putting on the shapewear, it is recommended that the bust circumference should not be reduced by more than 5-10 cm, waist circumference 10-15 cm, and hip circumference 5-10 cm, otherwise it will really feel constrained.

It is recommended to have a physical examination every six months. If everything is normal, wear tighter shapewear as needed.
Finally, the average daily wearing time of the shapewear:

15-20 years old, 4 hours

20-25 years old, 4-8 hours

25-30 years old, 8-12 hours

30-35 years old, 12-16 hours

35 years old +, it is recommended to wear shapewear 24 hours a day

If it is a customized model, you can extend the wearing time appropriately

Q&A time:

Q: Can men wear shapewear?

A: Yes, you can choose the open style. If the lower edge of the chest rubs against the Men's latex Waist Cincher Manufacturer severely, it is recommended to wear a sports bra or ask the manufacturer to customize the shapewear. Generally, men are recommended to wear women's models unless he weighs more than 200 kg.

Q: Can I wear it while sleeping?

A: Yes, but you need to pay close attention to your health. It is recommended to experience it once a quarter, especially on the chest (breast) and abdomen.

This one varies from person to person. Some people wear it for a long time without problems, and some people are more sensitive and prone to problems. Please note that if a man wears a bra, he also needs to be checked. Don't be embarrassed. If you are sick, you will be embarrassed.

Q: How long is it appropriate to wear it every day (except for sleeping)?

A: Wear it for as long as possible, because it is basically useless if you wear it for a short time.

Q: Can you wear it during exercise?

A: Yes, but during strenuous exercise, your lung capacity will become smaller and you may feel unable to keep up with your breathing. It is recommended to stick to the exercise habit and let your body slowly adapt to the shapewear.