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The choice of shapewear and the main points of wearing-men's articles

In the previous article, "The choice of shapewear and the main points of wearing", it mainly listed some related matters for women to choose shapewear.

But now society has gradually diversified, and some men also have corresponding requirements. They need to shape the figure of women's curves (mainly dancers and other related people), so they need to wear shapewear. In response to this need, the corresponding requirements are listed below. Points.

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Background: These men are already in good shape. Since they are mainly dancers, fitness instructors, yoga practitioners and some cross-dressers, their first priority is to keep in shape.

First of all, it is not recommended to wear men's shapewear, because most of the men's shapewear on the market is for the obese people of nearly 200 kg. These men of better shape, even if they wear the smallest size, have no effect. Therefore, it is recommended to wear women's shapewear. It's best to start wearing it when you are in college.

Second, men do not recommend (cannot) wear a body-closing body shaper. Everyone understands that if you must wear it, consider the convenience of going to the toilet.

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For example
, the toilets in some high-end office buildings are in better condition, which is not completely impossible, but be prepared to waste some time. If things go on like this, it may cause discomfort to the boss and colleagues.

In addition, the crotch closure is not beneficial to men's health. In summary, you need to choose the crotch closure carefully. In addition, when the weather is hot, there may be more sweating in the private area, so it is best to put on a sanitary napkin.

Third, the breast design of most women's shapewear is U-shaped, which is designed for women when wearing a bra. If men wear it, the U-shaped edge will rub against the lower edge of the pectoral muscle more severely.
Therefore, it is recommended to wear the upper chest, and sports underwear is fine, so that it will not be obvious when putting on the outerwear. If you don't care about other people's eyes, adjustable underwear is the best choice.

Finally, just like women, they need to pay attention to their bodies, have regular physical examinations, and maintain good exercise habits.