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Dry goods science: what age is suitable for body shaping clothes? What kind of shapewear is suit

2021-08-05 10:59:46

I found that many people have a stereotype of shapewear, thinking that shapewear is only worn by aunts and mothers over 40 years old. Actually not.

There is no specific age limit for shapewear. For women who are healthy and 18 years old, as long as they want to improve their body condition, or want to correct their poor sitting posture, they can wear shapewear.

If you want to talk about the shapewear that 25-30 years old choose, I will talk about it from three aspects.

One. Color

1. Color system

There are also many styles and colors of shapewear. The more fashionable designs are light blue and light purple. I have even seen the fleshy pink shapewear, which is very delicate and small and fresh.

2. Light coffee and black

The more versatile colors are light coffee color (that is, skin color) and black. No matter what kind of fashion outfit, these two colors can basically hold.

Skin color is invisible in summer with light-colored dresses; black with black shapewear, and black is more resistant to dirt, and can be worn in all seasons. In addition, there are many black models of shapewear, and there is a lot of room for choice.

Two, style

1. One-piece shapewear

A, deduction

The design of the China Women`s Sauna Vest Manufacturer is relatively simple, and it is biased towards the shaping effect and shaping comfort. After putting it on, it is skin-friendly and breathable, and there is no extra decoration to the body.
The crotch is buckled, and the crotch position can be adjusted by yourself. You can wear both underpants and underpants when you wear it, and you can unfasten the crotch button when it is convenient.

B. Open crotch

The style is very similar to the buttoned version, the difference is that the crotch is designed to open the crotch directly, and the underwear should be passed on to facilitate the toilet. However, open crotch pants are generally long trouser legs, which can play a role in shaping the thigh.

Regardless of whether it is a breasted or an open crotch, their design basically meets everyone's shaping needs, and for those with high comfort requirements, these two models are good choices, just look at which one you like. .

2. Girdle

China Waist Trainers Manufacturer The waistband of better quality is generally made of natural latex, which is durable and durable, and it is not easy to break. For a higher level, use imported natural latex with excellent quality.
The shaping force of the waistband is greater than that of the one-piece shapewear, but the one-piece shapewear has a wider range of pressure and shaping than the waistband.

3. Siamese + corset

That is to say, the design elements of one-piece shapewear and waistband are combined into one, which is generally suitable for postpartum mothers to wear after giving birth.

The pressure is between the one-piece shapewear and the waistband, and the pressure on the waist and abdomen will be relatively large. When choosing a caesarean section, mothers should pay attention to whether their body can be worn.

4. Waist and abdomen pants

The China Hot Sell Shorts Manufacturer are very similar to the shapewear version of safety pants, and more like the light pressure version of the bust shapewear. It is a good shaping choice for people who often wear skirts and only have a relatively fat waist and abdomen.

Third, the price

The price of shapewear depends on the cost of shapewear, most of which are related to the following elements:

1. Fabric

The quality of the material basically determines the shaping effect and wearing comfort of the shapewear. However, high-quality materials mean high costs and high prices.

2. Design

The design and tailoring of the shapewear can affect the area and weight of the shapewear on the human body.

When buying shapewear, according to your own needs and budget, choose a more cost-effective shapewear product.

For women, the age of 25-30 is a time of prosperity. At this time, some women have graduated, some are married and have children, and some are successful in work.

It is not a bad thing to have high demands on your own image, and you don't have to restrict which one you must wear in terms of style. Again, what to wear. If you want it all, you might as well try one-piece shapewear first, it feels good, then try the corset, and so on. Find a way to shape yourself that is comfortable.