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Precautions for running in winter

2021-10-11 11:57:02
In winter, the weather is cold, so the human body will actively store fat to keep out the cold, so you can gain weight if you love to eat, and do not go outdoor exercise. In winter, you can exercise outdoors. One key point: equipment one, wear when running in winter

▼Clothing and running in winter should be layered to keep warm. Don't run away like rice dumplings because it is cold outside. It is not easy to dissipate heat and make it difficult to move around. It is recommended to wear quick-drying clothes that absorb moisture and perspiration next to your body. Now many tight-fitting compression garments are warm and breathable. You can wear long-sleeved quick-drying clothes on the first layer of running in winter.

It is recommended to wear a high-necked windproof running suit for the outerwear, mainly for windproof and cold protection. In addition, according to the temperature level, warm clothes can be added between the two layers, such as fleece clothes or sweaters. If possible, of course, choose quick-drying materials. The leg is the most cold-resistant part of the human body because of its many muscles. Generally, a pair of tight compression pants or other sports pants that absorb moisture and sweat is enough. If one is too cold, you can use a pair of compression pants + a pair of sports pants.

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▼Shoes and socks If you encounter rain and snow in winter, it is best not to choose mesh running shoes to go out for running, or choose to run on an indoor treadmill. In addition, you should pay attention to non-slip shoes. The ground is easy to freeze in winter in rainy and snowy weather, and it is easy to fall when running on icy ground, so it is very important to prepare a pair of non-slip shoes in winter.

Running shoes are generally very breathable and lose heat quickly. For cold winters, you should choose socks with better warmth, such as wool socks or towel socks. A pair of high-performance running shoes does provide good protection and support for the runner’s feet, but if you don’t have a pair of socks that suit you, your feet will suffer in long-distance running. Maybe you should change to running socks. NS!

Tips Regarding dressing close to your body, avoid wearing cotton clothes. It is especially easy to catch a cold when you sweat and stick to your body. Jackets are not recommended for outerwear. The fabric is hard, heavy and airtight. You can bring a piece of thick clothes to keep your body warm as soon as you finish running. In addition, the magic towel is also a very useful little thing. It can be wrapped around the wrist to wipe sweat at any time. When the weather is too cold, it can be wrapped around the neck to prevent cold wind from attacking the throat.

▼Gloves in the cold winter, the hands are easy to be exposed and the forearms are easy to blow. Therefore, you must be equipped with gloves. You can choose gloves with moderate thickness and soft materials on the palm. The outdoor windproof and waterproof gloves are warm but easy to wear. Sweating is not as good as fleece-like soft gloves. It is comfortable to cover your mouth and rub your ears and nose while keeping warm. In addition, it’s best to try on the gloves. Some gloves that are too tight at the wrist will hinder the blood flow in the arm, and running will cause the forearm to become cold and the back of the hand to numb.

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▼The head of the hat is the part that emits the most heat, and of course it is also the part with the most capillaries. It is the easiest to sweat. It is best to choose a hat with a ventilated fabric that can cover the ears. Friends who like to take MP3 on the road should pay more attention, remember to turn down the sound! In winter, it gets dark quickly and the light tends to dim. It is better if the hat contains a reflective logo. Tips Regarding sun protection in winter, you should also pay attention to the sun. Sunlight can keep you warm, but sometimes you should also pay attention to sun protection (especially the little friends in the south).
Second, the precautions for running in winter

▼Warm up for winter running before running, drink a cup of hot water or a bowl of ginger soup before going out to warm up your body. Did you warm up before running? When the temperature is low, the body is easy to be stiff. Before running, not only let the joints warm up, but also activate the joints and activate the muscles that need to be used, so that the heart rate slowly rises, and then go running.


Cold weather is suitable for running volume rather than intensity, so reduce high-intensity exercise as much as possible, reduce speed, reduce sweating, and jogging to improve aerobic breathing capacity. If you feel hot, you can consider slowly unzipping the jacket after your body gets hot during running, or you can take it off and tie it around your waist. Don't take it off if it gets too hot.

When running, keep your hands together and rub your arms, nose, nose, ears and other parts that are prone to chills to avoid frostbite after a long period of inactivity. It is best to wear a mask or a magic headband to keep warm. In winter, the weekly schedule of running breaks can be flexible and avoid the bad weather as much as possible. When breathing in cold weather, try to inhale with your nose or both mouth and nose together. Don't open your mouth too much when you inhale. Keep your tongue against your palate. Avoid direct inhalation of cold air and let it spin in your mouth.

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▼Stretching after running The stretching after running should also be changed as much as possible indoors, or sheltered from the wind and sunlight, if you stop stretching with sweat on your body, you will easily catch a cold. If you stretch outdoors, you must wear thick clothes before stretching to keep your body warm. After running, dry the sweat of the body as soon as possible, put on dry clothes, and replenish moisture and nutrition in time.

Winter running, in the final analysis, pay attention to the principle of "getting off when you are hot, and wearing when you are cold", but you must warm up and start physical activity before running, otherwise cramps or strains will easily occur, and running will not meet the expected exercise Effect.

▼Beware of frostbite Every year, there are many cases of frostbite from running in winter. Even if the temperature is only minus 1.1 degrees, there is still a risk of frostbite after an hour of running outdoors. Although the risk factor is not high, it must be paid attention to. It can be covered with a magic headband or mask to prevent frostbite.

▼Determined to run in winter, the most important thing is will. Warm bed and cold weather are a difficult choice. When you decide to run, you have already succeeded halfway. Set a realistic goal and give yourself a reason to persist. Let yourself persevere and never give up is the best way to achieve PB!