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What is the difference between a tens of yuan underwear and a few hundred yuan underwear?

2021-10-09 15:05:03
Women’s underwear on the market ranges from tens to hundreds of dollars. Many people say that you can’t wear underwear of tens of dollars if you wear underwear for a few hundred dollars. Some people say that there is no difference in wearing, and others say that it is different depending on the brand. , Some brands of underwear are easy to wear from cheap to expensive.

So what is the difference between a tens of yuan underwear and a few hundred yuan underwear?

1. Different fabrics

China Women’s Bra wholesales:There are many types of underwear fabrics. Although some fabrics may look and even feel the same to the touch, because of the different fiber ratios and weaving processes, there is actually a big gap in wearing comfort.

The same is cotton fabric. The higher the count of cotton yarn, the finer, thinner and more high-end knitted clothes are woven. Some functional fabrics or special fabrics are specially customized and also have certain research and development costs.

Fabric is an important factor in determining the quality of underwear, which directly affects the cost, and then affects the price of underwear.

Take S-SHAPER regenerated cellulose modal fiber as an example. This fabric feels soft and comfortable, breathable and skin-friendly. As underwear, it is comfortable and healthy to wear, environmentally friendly and safe.

2. Different designs

China Factory Ladies Sleep Bra:The seemingly simple underwear actually needs to be designed with a large amount of data information and ergonomics. The design given by the designer must not only be beautiful and practical, but also comfortable to wear.

Brands that specialize in making underwear have to go through many try-on improvements from design to output. Not only are raw material costs and labor costs, but also part of the time cost.

There is no shortage of plagiarism in the market. Directly replace the better-selling underwear styles with cheap fabrics to imitate them, and make them look similar in appearance, but the actual wearing feeling is very different.

When buying underwear, please be sure not to affect your judgment because of the price.

Take the S-SHAPER patented water drop cup as an example. In fact, the most unconcerned chest pads hidden in underwear have undergone a long period of development. From modifying the shape of the chest to being comfortable and breathable, different positions are given different thickening ratios, and until the later upgrades, they are all based on massive data and combined with the wearing experience of hundreds of thousands of people.

3. Different service life

Invisible Bra Supplier China:In the same wearing frequency and washing times, the service life is mainly affected by the fabric and the weaving process. High-quality fabrics + exquisite weaving technology, after multiple washings, the probability of underwear deformation will be smaller. The washing times of a good underwear is about 40-50 times. A cheap underwear may not be used for 1-2 months. A good underwear can be worn for 3-6 months and still comfortable.

However, for health reasons, it is best to change a batch of personal clothing in 3-6 months.

4. Pre-sales service and after-sales service are different

For an underwear brand, in addition to outputting comfortable and beautiful products, it must also convey the correct concept of underwear wearing, as well as provide high-quality professional sales services and after-sales protection.

To export these services, many professionals need to be trained. Underwear is very inconspicuous compared to outerwear, but because of the close-fitting, it deserves more attention. Professional underwear consultants can give correct buying guidelines and underwear recommendations according to different figures and wearing habits. Only such underwear can take into account the comfort, beauty and health we want. Perfect after-sales guarantee allows us to get quick response and professional answers when we encounter problems.

This is cost-effective shopping.