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How important is professional sports underwear?

2021-03-01 17:56:47

Many girls who are just beginning to work out know that to choose a good pair of sports shoes, but in fact, sports underwear is as important as sports shoes. Because the chest is extremely fragile, the supporting force for the chest is the suspensory ligament. Any movement of the chest during exercise can only be supported by the ligaments. If you do not wear sports underwear, shake it up and down for a long time to make the ligaments tight and tight. Constant changes in relaxation, causing sagging.

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Therefore, regardless of whether the chest is big or small, you must wear sports underwear when exercising.

Big breasts must be protected

Girls with larger breasts should pay more attention to wearing professional sports underwear during exercise. It is best to have good wrapping and stronger support. Otherwise, with exercise, the breast shape will become unsightly and the chest will shrink.

Take good care of your small breasts

It's not just girls with big breasts who need to wear sports underwear, for small breasts, sports underwear is equally important. If you exercise for a long time but don't wear underwear with the corresponding degree of support, the fat will gradually move with the exercise, which will eventually cause your chest to become flatter and flatter.

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Professional sports underwear has three different levels of "light support, moderate support, and high support", which correspond to different levels of sports:

Low-intensity exercise: Yoga, Pilates, balance training, etc.
Medium-intensity exercise: brisk walking, spinning, strength training, etc.
High-intensity exercise: skipping rope, running, boxing, etc.

For people with big breasts, the larger the cup, the higher the degree of support required. For example, when doing high-intensity sports such as running and boxing, highly supportive sports underwear is essential

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How to wear mild and moderate support sports underwear

1. Adjust the left and right shoulder straps to the most comfortable position, and you can slide freely inside the shoulder straps through two fingers.
2. Stretch the lower circumference to feel whether the sports underwear can provide enough support for the chest, and at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the upper bust size fits the chest.
3. At the same time, the back shoulder strap should be adjusted to the most comfortable position. Whether the back buckle should be buckled depends on personal needs.
4. Push the restless flesh into the sports underwear, so that the breasts are completely wrapped in the sports underwear.
5. Jump up and down, check whether the sports underwear fits comfortably by observing the trembling of the chest.

How to wear high support sports underwear

1. Fasten the first underwear button according to the size of the bottom circumference
2. Adjust the buckle of the back underwear so that the distance from the back can accommodate two fingers
3. Adjust the shoulder straps on both sides to fit the back neatly and comfortably
4. Put two fingers in the middle of the chest and spread them left and right, making sure that the center of the front of the underwear is basically close to the center of the chest
5. No excess flesh is exposed from the top or side of the underwear
6. Jump up and down, feel whether the sports underwear is comfortable to move