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Why should I wear compression pants for running? What does it do?

2021-03-04 16:12:07

Many people don’t understand why they wear compression pants for running? You may think that running in compression pants will make you feel uncomfortable, but in fact the opposite is true. Compression pants are designed to improve exercise efficiency.

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Compression pants are a further upgrade of tights. Tights are worn to reduce muscle jitter and prevent abrasion at the base of the thigh. Be more mobile during exercise. On the basis of tights, compression pants are more elastic. According to the principle of exercise, the compression of various parts of the body is blocked, so as to reduce exercise fatigue, slow down the accumulation of lactic acid, and better enhance the exercise effect.

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Friends who often run, especially those who are obese, know this well. If you are not wearing compression pants, the crotch friction will be very uncomfortable if you wear a loose fit. When running, the fat at the root of the thigh swings, squeezes, rubs, and even scratches. In addition, after sweating, sweat contains salt. When sweat enters the wound, it is the act of sprinkling salt on the wound. The main reason for running is to keep fit. But it's not good if you get hurt. Wear a pair of compression pants at this time. On the one hand, it can reduce exercise fatigue. On the other hand, it can reduce body friction during exercise.

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In the sports world that pursues muscle and strength, the advantages of tights are quite obvious.

1. The tight wrap of the bodysuit can contract and gather muscle groups, making the muscles more powerful. The blood circulation will also be appropriately accelerated, the body's excitement will be improved, and strains can be prevented.
2. Running and jumping during exercise will lead to the formation of lactic acid in the muscles, and the tights can effectively prevent the accumulation of lactic acid, and will not be sore and weak after exercise.
3. Winter sports are very afraid of "wet body". Wearing ordinary undershirts and long trousers, the wet sweat will stick to the skin, and the cold wind will not be far away from catching a cold. The sports bodysuit is made of polyester fabric, which can quickly wick away sweat and keep your body dry. In addition, it is very important that the bodysuit keeps your body at a constant temperature.