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Why women must wear sports underwear for fitness?

More and more people realize that exercise and fitness can bring us many benefits. But for the female group of fitness, the shock produced during exercise will affect the chest.
If there is no scientific protection measures, it will cause damage to the chest tissue for a long time, and the physical aspect will also lead to the undesirable consequences of sagging and sagging of the chest.
Then, it is necessary to choose a sports underwear that suits you.

Why? Must wear sports underwear

The chest is made up of soft tissues, not muscles. When running or jumping, the chest will oscillate up and down, especially for women with slightly larger breasts, it is easy to strain the suspensory ligament and elastic tissue of the chest during this process.
A professional sports underwear can support and maintain the structure of the chest, and reduce the shock by 53%~59%.

Basic types of sports underwear

Press & wrap

Compression type: only suitable for women with A-B cups or low-impact training.

Wrapped type: women with a C cup or above, or for training with medium to high impact, must need High compression shaping bra full cup supplier. This kind of sports underwear has an ergonomic design, which does not squeeze the chest while wrapping and supporting it.

Sling & Broadband

Sling: Thin shoulder straps do not provide strong elasticity, so they are not suitable for training with greater vibration. You can choose this type when doing yoga.

Broadband: Broadband design helps to ensure the support performance of china sports bra  Manufacturer. Wide shoulder straps are generally used in professional sports underwear.

Pullover & back button

Pullover: For conservative women, they may choose this style, but its pressure protection is poor and it is not suitable for training such as running.
Back buckle: On the contrary, the back buckle can tighten the underwear loop, thereby providing good support and protection.

Factors to consider when buying sports underwear

The level of impact of sports shock on the chest
Low-impact sports: hiking, yoga, Pilates, golf, road cycling, etc.
Medium-impact sports: skiing, skating, brisk walking, tennis, badminton, table tennis, etc. (medium to high).

High-impact exercises: such as running, spinning, horseback riding, basketball volleyball, mountain biking, aerobics (the kind in general fitness clubs), etc. It should be noted that all running, no matter fast running, slow running, long running, sprinting, is a high-impact exercise, because the chest will produce greater shocks and stretching of surrounding tissues in the process.

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Cup size

Women whose breasts are within the range of AB cups experience relatively small shocks during exercise, and general sports underwear can basically meet the needs of use; women with C cups and above have relatively large shocks during exercise. Need more professional, more protective underwear to protect, in order to avoid chest tissue damage.