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Those underwear knowledge you must know

2021-08-11 10:17:47

Nowadays, underwear is very important for female friends. The findings of the American Cancer Research Center's investigation on the relationship between wearing bras for too long and breast cancer indicate that the first is not wearing a suitable bra.

Second, wear a bra for too long. A survey pointed out that 80% of women in the world wear inappropriate bras, and those women who wear bras for a long time suffer from breast disease because they choose bras are not suitable.

Women who do not have their breasts removed while sleeping are 100 times more likely to be sick than those who have their breasts removed, because the bra tightens the breasts and affects the normal flow of lymphatic fluid in the breasts, which can cause normal breast cells to become cancerous over time. This shows that wearing underwear is particularly important.

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Then what are those wrong underwear knowledge that you must know?

1. One piece of underwear lasts for a year, no problem?

mistaken! In fact, underwear should be renewed every three months like a toothbrush, especially sponge underwear. The sponge in the underwear absorbs a large amount of washing powder and detergent residue, and the breasts breathe through the nipples. If the bra is worn for too long, the bacteria inside will enter the female body through the nipples, which will cause mastitis, breast cancer, etc. disease.

2. If you want a plump effect, choose underwear that is one size smaller?

mistaken! Excessive squeezing of the chest will cause breast fat to spread out to the armpits and abdomen. At the same time, excessive squeezing will cause breast lymphatic drainage to be blocked, causing breast hyperplasia and nodules, which greatly increases the risk of breast cancer and mastitis! Remember, wearing underwear is not for fashion but for breast health!

3. The size of the underwear is the same? Don't think "one size in your hand, the world will walk sideways"

Women’s underwear sizes are actually different
The number of Bra (70 75 80 85) is actually determined by fat and thin
The size of the cup (ABCDEFG) is determined by the size of the breast

Most people don’t know the size of their bras that much. They may buy the same size underwear for the size that they wore a few years ago, regardless of whether they fit and are comfortable. The expansion and sagging of the body and the production of accessory milk.

In fact, the size of the body will change with the increase of fat and thinness and age. As the season changes, it is more appropriate to measure the size every three months.

4. Doesn't wearing underwear hurt the chest?

mistaken! Although the role of underwear is to better prevent trauma and support the chest, it is just to let the chest go with the flow without wearing it, and there will be no excessive "harm".

But blindly naked breasts are not advisable. In addition to protecting the breasts from external abrasions and direct collisions, the role of the bra can also support the breasts not to sag, maintain a good shape, and also help breast blood circulation.

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The main function of underwear

⑴Prevent sagging breasts

Although the breast is an organ of women, it has no bones in it and is easily affected by gravity. Especially for female friends with larger breasts, the external gravity on their breasts is greater, and breast sagging is more likely to occur at a very young age. possible.

⑵The bra can protect the breasts

Breasts are delicate, sensitive and soft organs on the body surface. They are easily impacted and squeezed, and may even be pulled into the breast tissue during running and jumping. Wearing a bra can maintain the stability and shape of the breasts. Of course, it can also make a certain contribution to highlighting the beauty of women.

All in all, blind naked breasts are not advisable. If you don't want your breasts to drag to your knees when you are 30, please wear underwear! Therefore, wearing a bra is still necessary. The key is to choose the right bra and wear it for a reasonable time. Blindly "bare breasts" is tantamount to giving up the role of bra shaping and breast protection.

6 It is normal for a small breast cup to be empty

mistaken! The phenomenon of empty cups is mainly due to the wrong cup selection and the wrong way of wearing it.
You need to re-measure your bust and size, and choose underwear that suits your size. When you wear it, you should use the meat dial technique to dial all the small meat into the cup to fill the gap.

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7. The shoulder strap is actually not very useful?

If you believe it, you're done!

Don't underestimate the shoulder strap of underwear, it is another important place besides the cup
Excessively tight straps will not only cause shoulder discomfort, but also make the bra move up. Some bras are fixed by underwires. Therefore, if the bra moves up, the harder underwire will compress the breast tissue. Affect blood circulation, delay metabolism, increase breast acinar endotoxin, increase the risk of disease

Based on the principle of being responsible for your own health
The details of underwear selection should not be underestimated!