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Should I wear a waistband when exercising?

On Douyin, Internet celebrities are showing their figures. At the end of the show, she told everyone her secret: Don’t look at my figure so good, I actually used a XX brand waistband, that’s why I used this waistband. , Has such a good figure. Then, the courier company received a large beam waist express.

So, can a waistband really make people's waist thinner?

To talk about the waistband, we have to start from the history of the waistband. According to legend, the ancient French queen Josephine had an affair and became pregnant. She was worried about being discovered. She used a cloth to hold her abdomen, but unexpectedly raised her chest. At that time, low-cut was popular. Clothes became popular.

In modern times, we can see that waistbands are used in some places, such as hospitals. They are worn by patients to protect their injured waist from secondary injuries; for example, when women are in confinement, they can make the abdomen faster. Recover and better eliminate lochia; some fitness people wear waistbands during fitness exercises to protect the waist and reduce waist injuries.

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Most people in modern times regard the small waist as the beauty, and use the bee waist, A4 waist, water snake waist and so on to describe the beauty of women's small waist. Various products with a waist as a selling point have also appeared on the market, and the net celebrity waistband is one of them. In order to pursue a small waist, the ladies who love beauty have tried all kinds of ways to slender their waists, and even wear corsets uninterrupted for 24 hours.

So S-SHAPER comes from the perspective of fitness, and talks about the waistband. There are two flowers, one on each table, and the waistband is good or bad. It mainly depends on how to use it and when to use it.

Muscle contraction can make the body move. In other words, every physical activity of a person comes from muscle contraction. Under normal conditions, muscles are most conducive to contraction. They are not conducive to muscles if they are elongated or shortened for a long time. Works normally.

Understand the working principle of muscles, and look at the role of waist girdle from the working principle of muscles. After putting on the waistline, from the overall figure, the waistline is indeed good-looking. The question is whether this good-looking can last for a long time. Let's first take a look at how this looks good. The waist uses pressure to squeeze the protruding fat into the waist-shaped space, and only the position of the excess fat is changed.

At the same time, the internal organs are squeezed, changing the position of the organs. The organs that are forced to change positions may become dysfunctional due to insufficient blood supply due to the squeezing, and there is even a danger of organ necrosis or rib fractures due to excessive compression. Wearing it for a long time will also cause the waist bones to mutate and lose their functions, so they have to rely on the waist to live.

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Let’s talk about the effect of wearing a waistband for a long time or wearing a waistband for any exercise on the waist muscles. Although the waist muscles are relatively thin on the whole, they can be divided into four layers of muscles with different functions: horizontal, vertical, left oblique, and right oblique. , Each layer of muscles play a role in the corresponding situation.

After wearing the waistband, the tighter the waistband is, the more the function of the waist muscles will be replaced by the waistband. On the contrary, the ability of the waist becomes weaker. The fat that was pressed inside did not decrease at all, and returned to its original position after removing the waist.

If you are indiscriminately, you wear a waistband when you are training. The original training is to train the muscles so that the muscles have stronger coping capabilities, but now they are wearing a waistband, which is counterproductive. Muscles will weaken without exercise.

The muscles in several directions of the abdomen contract at the same time, which can increase the intra-abdominal pressure, resist the impact of external force, and improve the stability of the body. Can not effectively play a role in the middle, some training sports can not be completed.

In some formal sports fields, we will see that weightlifters wear waistbands. The advantage of wearing waistbands is that they can prevent waist injuries when lifting heavy barbells. At the same time, increasing abdominal pressure can help them lift more weight. It is only used to improve athletic performance at a specific time.

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In the usual training process, we can also use the strength of the waist to improve our exercise effect. For example, when we train the hips or legs, we need more weight to stimulate to achieve the purpose of training, and the strength of the abdomen is not enough. To support such a large weight, we can use the waistband to assist us in accomplishing training purposes.

Here is also a reminder, if it is not an urgent desire to improve the ability of hips and legs, it is better to carry out comprehensive training step by step. The risk of pursuing a single part of the improvement is an order of magnitude or more higher than that of full training. , Unless it is for a certain aspect of outstanding performance like a weightlifter.

Okay, let me sum it up. The waist is a thing that develops from people's changing aesthetics, and it is popular in modern times based on aesthetics. It's not that you can't use it, but you should use it in a specific situation. When you use it, you should put it down. You should not be attached to it for a long time, especially when doing exercises that can reach your abdomen.