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Not a female celebrity, do I need shaping underwear?

2021-09-06 10:59:53
If you want your body to reach your ideal weight, you still have to look for more active methods, such as diet regulation and regular exercise. This is always a healthier life than using a knife, taking diet pills or wearing shapewear. So don’t we need shapewear? But not so. In fact, shapewear should be a must-have for every woman of us.

Let's focus on modern shapewear. Although the Chinese is similar, and the shapewear can indeed be found in traditional corsets, the original English text is actually completely different. Shapewear, shapewear. I only recently learned that this word was translated as "body carving clothes" in the south, which is really a vivid and accurate translation.

For this kind of underwear, women all over the world are probably no strangers. Especially in China, when bras and panties were not very fashionable earlier, most of the underwear shops I met in Beijing and Shanghai were already selling this type. It made people feel that Chinese women seemed to have a love for body-sculpting underwear. Have a soft spot.

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As mentioned in the previous article, people’s hope for traditional corsets is to maximize the physical characteristics of women; the same is true for the hopes of wearers of modern corsets, but this hope is mainly weakened, that is, Make your body slim and slim by wearing shapewear.

Why does every woman need to have a shapewear?

Even if you insist on exercise and scientific diet, humans will still have undesirable body shapes affected by genetic genes. For example, women in certain regions are particularly prone to have thick arms, and women in certain places or families are particularly prone to have a pear-shaped body with narrow shoulders and wide hips. And so on; and under the action of gravity, all parts of the female body will eventually appear loose, falling, and uneven fat distribution. The older you are, the more obvious this phenomenon is and the more difficult it is to control.

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Under normal circumstances, it is also a healthy attitude to face and accept these "aging" phenomena; however, in some "emergency" moments that require perfect physical performance, we have no other way, and shapewear must go into battle. The female celebrities on the red carpet are uniformly firm and plump. They are uniformly smooth and water-slip. It is not because they are born more free from gravity than us, or how much special sports training they have done, but very simple. Wearing shapewear may be better than us, more suitable for their bodies and for their outerwear, to achieve the perfect effect of radiant beauty.

For ordinary people, on slightly special occasions, wearing shapewear will definitely make our hearts more secure.

In addition to special occasions, women have more demand for shapewear, which has a lot to do with today's dress style-more and more occasions that need to wear fit clothes. You need to wear a slim formal dress at get off work, occasionally you need to have a drink and a meal with your colleagues or partners after work, and you usually wear skirts that show your figure.

So do Asian women need to wear shapewear?

Asian women belong to the smaller body type on a global scale. From the perspective of the underwear industry, this body type should have little demand for tights. Shapewear in the European and American markets, especially high-strength types, are often not available in the small S size, and the ultra-small XS size is even rarer. This also illustrates this from the side. However, as we mentioned above, small body size does not mean that muscles will not loosen and fat will be evenly distributed. Therefore, people who are looking for perfect clothing, regardless of fat or thin, need to wear shapewear.

Moreover, the materials of shapewear are now much richer than before. Shapewear is no longer limited to the single function of restraining the body and reducing the size. Especially weak-strength shapewear, known as body cosmetics, can "beautify" muscles. Of course, a woman with a small body needs flawless beauty.

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The biggest difference between today's shapewear and the previous corsets is that for women, the feeling of yourself from the shapewear is more important than the eyes of others.