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The secret to hiding the "small belly" is to wear high-waist underwear!

The "farthest distance" in the world is not about life and death, but because I have a little belly, but I feel fat, and I don't want to say goodbye to beautiful clothes. I am very distressed!

In the past two years, young women's love for high-waist underwear has increased steadily. In the past year, the sales of high-waist underwear has increased by 17%~ Because the thin fabric in summer cannot hide the loose and falling fat on the belly, the secret to make you lose ten pounds is here!

Women’s Underwear supplier

High waist design, put away the small belly~

The design concept of high waist and flat abdomen adopts a flat abdomen knitting design, strong side tuck, firmly locks the waist and the fat on both sides, to achieve the effect of flat abdomen and tuck the waist.

No longer worry about the heat of the day, the thin single clothes can not cover the embarrassment of the big belly, especially after eating, the speechless situation of the clothes buttons falling apart will no longer happen.

High Waist Butt Lifter Shorts Manufacturer

3D three-dimensional buttocks, creating exclusive peach buttocks~

When you find that you have a collapsed butt and a lot of fat, it's time for high-waist underwear to play! ! !
This underwear is three-dimensionally cut according to ergonomics, perfectly fitting the curve of the buttocks, and effectively lifting the buttocks upwards.

The full coverage design not only makes you feel safe, but also provides more support for the fat on your PP.

Give your hips a perfect 360° space, resist gravity, outline a perfectly round hip line, and let your PP "cross warp"~

oem panties underwear supplier

Comfortable and breathable fabric, one-piece molding

The fabric is comfortable and breathable, has good softness and excellent moisture absorption. Wrapped foot mouth design, wearable on the root of the thigh, durable and not deformed. Skin-friendly inner crotch, double-layer seamless crotch, comfortable and breathable. The whole body is formed in one piece, so there is no need to worry about the stitching tightly and uncomfortable!