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Popular science|The thicker the winter tights, the warmer? How to choose compression stockings

Autumn is here, can winter be far behind? How to be beautiful, thin and warm in winter is simply a problem of the century. It is said that there are no long trousers in the dictionary of fashion circles, but it does not matter, we have pantyhose! There is even a bare-legged artifact!

I don’t know if everyone is like me. There are N pairs of tights in the closet, in various colors and thicknesses, and then there are matte, cashmere, shiny... (obviously two legs)

But many girls are still entangled when buying pantyhose and don't know how to choose.

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The editor will bring you non-stop-a guide to choosing tights!

What does "D" mean?

The unit of bottoming socks is usually D, where "D" is denier, the unit of thickness, which represents the weight of each 9000 meters of fiber. The larger the value of D, the thicker the corresponding, the better the heat preservation effect. Durable.

Generally speaking, 40-60D are spring and autumn socks, and 60D and above are autumn and winter socks. Above 300D is basically completely impervious to meat, suitable for the deep winter below freezing.

What does "Hpa" mean?

Hpa is the international pressure unit. The larger the value, the greater the force per unit area and the better the self-cultivation effect.
Commonly there are 12hpa, 18hpa, 24hpa and so on. 12hpa belongs to the compression stockings with medium pressure value. Girls who want to try compression stockings can start from this with high cost performance.

In winter, it is recommended to use compression stockings with progressively segmented pressure design. The pressure is gradually reduced from bottom to top, which meets the needs of human venous blood return pressure.

It can prevent leg fatigue, prevent varicose veins, and prevent sagging leg fat. It is especially suitable for girls who need to stand for a long time or sit for a long time.

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What are the materials of the pantyhose?

Commonly used fabrics are generally divided into:

Nylon + spandex: it is velvet, 90% of the market is made of this fabric. High elasticity, soft touch, high durability and abrasion resistance, a little matte, good texture and warmth.

Wool + Acrylic: Warm-keeping type. The higher the content of wool (cashmere), the better the warmth retention. Although it is very warm, there is a problem. It is easy to show thick legs, and the legs are not thin enough. Choose carefully.

Acrylic + viscose: self-heating type, principle: superfine acrylic, commonly known as heating fiber, has a certain moisture absorption and heating function, generally the fabric needs to be imported from Japan.

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Finally, I hope everyone can choose their own "born" pantyhose, which can be thin, warm and beautiful in winter!