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You are not born fat, you just didn’t manage the fat well~

2021-09-17 11:34:32
Second, the shaping method of the body shaper

1. Cutting method

High-quality body shaping women corsets on sale wholesales has very good elasticity. It can fit and slim the body like a shadow. The general principle is to keep the fat in the best position.

For example, push the fat flowing to the stomach back into the cup to enlarge the bust, and push the excess fat down to the buttocks to create a flat and strong abdomen; lift up the fat from the buttocks to make it look round and elastic .

Really high-quality body shaping underwear adopts three-dimensional cutting method. Through three-dimensional cutting, the breast can not only contain the breast three-dimensionally, but also can abandon the steel support, so that the supporting force is not reduced.

High-quality adjusted underwear will consider the use of memory alloy technology to extend the time for adjusting underwear to be worn as much as possible. When it is worn for a period of time and the body shape becomes better, it will automatically "design" the most suitable shape and size after the change.

2. Scalability

Strictly speaking, sexy lingerie bodysuit wholesales is woven. Only weaving can make the material more flexible. In addition to flexibility, it is also required to have good resilience and not easy to deform.

For example, the resilience of cross-knitting is 3 times that of normal weaving. Good vertical and horizontal extension and tightening force, stretching with the body's movement, in the invisible force of extension and tightening, it massages the skin naturally.
Moreover, its anti-geospiration method pushes fat from bottom to top to prevent the production of cellulite.

3. Shapewear material

The space fiber combined with ROICA (polyurethane fiber) and POLYURETHANE (polyurethane) contains body-like negative ions, which can rub free fat.

They can also maintain excellent ventilation and heat dissipation, warm in winter and cool in summer, so that the body's metabolism can be maintained normal, and they can be worn on the body for a long time without any adverse effects.

Adjustable underwear on the market generally uses space fibers made by the combination of ROICA and POLYURETHANE, but the content of POLYURETHANE in space fibers is generally about 10%. A good adjustment of the content of POLYURETHANE in underwear space fibers can reach 45%.

4. Ergonomics

High-quality adjustable underwear will take into account the principles of ergonomics when designing it. It is designed according to the golden ratio of human bones. If worn for a long time, it can be adjusted to a beautiful figure according to the golden ratio.

Third, how to wear neoprene sauna suits for weight loss is useful

After putting on the bra, fold the body shaper from the inside to the waist of the body shaper, like a pair of short shorts.

Put your feet into the body shaper's trouser tube, and slowly pull from bottom to top to your buttocks, so that the buttocks are completely covered.

Slide the right palm down the outer thigh to 2/3 of the thigh, wrap the palm back to the inner thigh, and move the inner thigh fat up to the right buttocks (the same steps on the left and right are performed again).

Pull up the upper body part of the shapewear and put the shoulder straps on both arms. If there is a button or zipper, please adjust the length of the shoulder strap according to your personal comfort.

Straighten up, use the palm of your hand to move from your back to the armpit to the edge of the cup, push the exposed flesh into the cup, and finally gather the lower edge of the breast up into the cup.

Try to squat down several times to confirm whether the position of the middle line behind the hips is correct and the crotch fits against the bottom, then adjust the trousers (foot), and check whether the body shaper is flat and does not fit.

Most of the body shaping clothes on the market are made of strong elastic fibers. By gathering excess fat from certain parts of the body to a certain part, the breasts are rounded and plumped, and the body is straight and straight, so as to achieve the effect of "beauty".