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Precautions for purchase and maintenance of sports underwear

2021-09-16 09:57:16
The size of the china sports bra  Manufacturer

Trying on is the most direct way to buy a bra that suits you
If there is a chance to try it on, perform jumping movements during the try-on process to check the shaking of the chest. The amplitude of shaking up and down, left and right is acceptable within 3 cm, and feel whether there is a tendency to slip and rub.

Your bra should fit snugly and the fabric has no wrinkles, otherwise it may indicate that the bra is a little bigger. If your skin is exposed from both sides of the bra, this may indicate that your bra is too small.

The fit sports bra should be close to the body without being too tight. Too tight underwear may make you feel difficult to breathe when running, and even strangle your skin; while too loose sports underwear is easy to slip and scratch your skin.

Don’t blindly look for only one size

Do not choose the size of sports underwear based solely on the size of underwear you usually wear. Different sports underwear brands will have their own supporting classification. You wear 70B for this brand, and 75B for another brand of underwear. It's a bit different from buying running shoes. Different brands will have different sizes, so don't be too blind to only buy one size.

Maintenance of china sports bra wholesales

It is recommended to wash it by hand in warm water at ordinary times. After washing, do not wring out, press dry or dry, so as to increase its lifespan and prevent the material from slackening prematurely. If the number of runs per week is more than 3, it is recommended to prepare at least two pieces and wear them interchangeably, which can also extend the service life of sports underwear. After wearing for a long time, the clothes lose their elasticity, so you can consider throwing them away for new ones.

New sports bra factory china needs to run in

If you want to use the sports Bra you bought to run a marathon, it is practical to apply some petroleum jelly to the areas that are prone to wear and tear at the beginning of use and competition, which can effectively prevent skin damage. It takes a break-in period just like buying new running shoes.

Prevent bumps

Many professional sports underwear do not have pads. The main reason is to consider the aspects of breathability and perspiration, wrapping and cushioning. The stimulation during exercise is indeed prone to bumps. If it is unacceptable, the solution is to "paste breast paste", you can also bring your own chest pad to prevent irritation, or put on a T-shirt to cover up.

Prepare different levels of sports bra

Preparing two levels of sports bra will make you more comfortable. In this way, you can make better choices based on the intensity of the sport.

I have tried many kinds of sports underwear, it is really important to suit me. I choose to pay more attention to fabrics and shoulder straps. Personally choose a wide shoulder, the fabric feels softer. In the first two years, because there was no sports underwear worn out, it was painful to take a bath. To tell the truth, sports underwear can make you run more comfortable, for girls, it is as important as running shoes!