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Yoga pants are no longer just the darling of the gym. Wearing them out of the street is the most con

Driven by the trend of sports, girls who love sports have pushed the sports style to the forefront. Even the gym style of celebrities is also very fashionable. Gigi Hadid's sports styling has been photographed many times in the appearance of sportswear.

If you want to be more comfortable on your day, you can wear it like Gigi. China Yoga Leggings Factory are more fashionable and relaxed when you go out. For running, going to the gym, or simply wanting to take a walk, yoga pants are all good choices. With the right choice, we must pay attention to how to wear it. Today, I want to tell you a few tips to wear the right yoga pants. Let’s watch together!

⒈Choose the right size

Choosing yoga pants must be based on the size of your fit, so that the fit will show your figure. Those loose yoga pants will have a visual sense of short and fat. They do not play the role of thin yoga pants at all, so they must be too loose. NG, especially the trouser legs should not be too long, be careful that "camel hooves" appear!

⒉Opaque material

Yoga pants with too thin material will look cheap and will make you wear it or not, so embarrassing! The whole body is unknowingly exposed to the outside, so when choosing, remember to look under the sun or light to see if it will let people see through at a glance.

⒊The basic color is absolutely correct

Don't think that choosing colorful yoga pants makes you fashionable. It is correct to choose plain colors. Colors like black, dark blue and dark gray will not go wrong, and will have a better slimming effect.

If you want to be more advanced, you can choose two-color (black x fluorescent is the first choice) or all-black translucent China Yoga Wear Factory. These have the effect of dividing light and dark and making your legs look straighter and thinner. If you want to wear colorful, unless you are good at dressing.

⒋ Non-marking underwear must have

Of course, wearing yoga pants is very taboo for the traces of underwear to run out, remember to wear non-marking underwear, so that you will not be embarrassed on the road. By the way, the life span of China Yoga Sets Manufactureris not like jeans that can be worn for several years. When there are signs of slack, discoloration, deformation, etc., they should be replaced with new ones.

⒌Multiple coat changes

The leather jackets and the bomber jackets that are popular in recent years are all good matching items. If you are not confident about your figure, you can wear it to cover your waist and hips. Not only can it be modified, but it can also be used for sports. Add points.

⒍Bright accessories plus points

Wear a pair of sunglasses and choose a bag or shoes with a unique shape and bright colors, one of which is the same color as the clothing, and it will feel like a big celebrity is going to exercise!

It doesn't matter if you don't need to move, yoga pants can be worn as well, after all, they are fashionable items. Yoga pants have the effect of lifting buttocks and showing thinness. They stand visually as an advantage. They are equipped with sunglasses for 100 points!