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Winter sports slimming guide | let shapewear help you

2021-10-28 15:49:46
Winter is here and the weather is getting colder and colder. Does Jimei know that winter is actually a good time to lose weight? For those who want to lose weight, the opportunity is here! S-SHAPER brings you a winter sports weight-loss guide. From now on, hurry up and develop a healthy winter fitness plan for yourself, and then wear S-SHAPER body shaping clothes to control appetite and correct Posture, I believe that after this winter, when the spring begins, you will be the most eye-catching little fairy in the crowd!

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Winter is a good time to lose weight

There are three reasons:

First, the temperature is low in winter, the body will consume a lot of energy to maintain body temperature, the more energy is consumed, the effect of losing weight will be achieved for a period of time.

Second, low temperature is more beneficial to exercise to lose weight. The same amount of exercise consumes much more calories in cold air than in a warm environment.

Third, it is easy to gain weight in winter, and weight control is very necessary. When the temperature is low, people's digestion and absorption functions are enhanced, and their appetite will greatly increase. In order to reserve for the winter, our body will work hard to absorb a large amount of calories and convert them into fat for storage.

According to reports, in winter, the body synthesizes fat 2-4 times faster than usual, and the rate of fat decomposition is 10% lower than usual. Secondly, people like to eat steaming food when it's cold. Unknowingly, it will speed up the meal and make it easy to overeat. Coupled with the cold weather, people are more willing to stay indoors to blow up the heating or have a meal, the amount of activity is greatly reduced, and the fat quickly rebounds to the upper body. If you can control your weight in this season when you are most likely to grow meat, your chances of getting fat in the coming year will be greatly reduced.

How to avoid gaining weight in winter?

Take three meals seriously

When you lose weight in winter, you should ensure that you have regular meals and reasonable arrangements to provide the body with sufficient calories to resist the cold, and it will not cause fat accumulation due to "overeating".

The basic principle of winter weight loss recipes is to eat more low-calorie foods, such as radishes, fungus, bean sprouts, tomatoes and so on. At the same time, proper tonic and balanced nutrition. Pay attention to resolutely quit sweets, snacks and midnight snacks, and develop the habit of not accumulating snacks and sweets at home. For tonic, you can eat foods with low fat content and high protein content, such as chicken, beef, lamb, fish and shrimp, and it is recommended to eat them at noon, so as to ensure the nutrients needed for winter and avoid calorie intake. Too much input.

Dinner should be light. Eating too much or too oily dinner will allow the excess calories to be converted into fat and stored in the belly. It is especially emphasized that vegetables must be eaten more. The dietary fiber rich in vegetables can produce a strong sense of fullness, and can reduce blood fats and help remove garbage in the body. In addition, eating some vegetables and fruits while eating meat can play a role in acid-base balance.

Aerobic exercise is the most effective for weight loss

What kind of exercise is most conducive to weight loss in winter? Usually high-efficiency aerobic fitness exercise is the best weight loss exercise.

The so-called aerobic exercise refers to: during exercise, the oxygen obtained through breathing can continuously supply the exercise muscles, metabolize sugar and fat under the action of enzymes to provide energy, and persist in continuous exercise, such as cycling , Walking, climbing stairs, running, swimming, etc. And "efficient" refers to the large number of joints and muscles involved in exercise per unit time, such as rowing, riding a fitness machine and other exercises that can kick the legs.

Studies have shown that after aerobic exercise for more than 20 minutes, the blood sugar is basically consumed, the body must mobilize sugar and fat as a heat source to provide energy. Therefore, aerobic exercise training for more than 20 minutes at a time is very effective for weight loss.

You can also choose medium and low-intensity aerobic exercises according to your physical condition: such as jogging, rope skipping, aerobics, cycling, climbing stairs, etc. This type of aerobic exercise is not particularly intense, but it lasts for a long time. Burn more calories.

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Wear Shapewear

As we mentioned above, due to the low temperature in winter, people's digestion and absorption functions are enhanced, and their appetite will greatly increase. Coupled with the reduction in outdoor activities, staying indoors increases the chances of eating, and it is easy to accumulate fat. In addition to reducing fat and slimming through a reasonable diet and adhere to aerobic exercise, Jimei people can also wear S-SHAPER shapewear daily, let the shapewear help us control our appetite and correct our posture.

S-SHAPER's Shapewear is tailored through ergonomics and mechanics science and developed by hundreds of people trying on it. It is a body management mold. In addition to creating an immediate "S-curve" visual effect, it can also help in body management. .

Many Jimei work and study in front of the computer for a long time, or frequently use the mobile phone. If you do not pay attention to the change of body posture, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of hunchback. Wearing shapewear helps us keep our backs straight, get rid of bad habits, and have a healthy body.

Shapewear can also help us control our appetite. When body fat is in a state of tightening, the brain has more alertness to the food in front of you, and unconsciously sends out a signal to "eat less". Stop overeating and naturally help control weight.