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SOS! Body shape first aid in winter, S-SHAPER body shaper will help you

2021-10-27 11:15:55
In winter, there are not only hot pot barbecued white rice, but also meat! ! SOS food temptation is unstoppable. Body management is in urgent need. What should I do if my sisters take a group photo?

How to do? S-SHAPER shapewear is here to help you with the three-dimensional "PS"! The little secret of becoming a devil's body in seconds, and instantly having a good body shape, this moment opens the door to a new world of beautiful curves~

S-SHAPER body shaper can help you "prescribe the right medicine" according to different needs and "see tricks" and return you to a perfect body!

S-SHAPER high-waisted, long-legged plastic pants, with a small belly in the lower abdomen. Are you afraid of embarrassment in tights? The pear-shaped body gets fat first, the lower part of the body is fat, even wearing pants is not good-looking? S-SHAPER plastic pants to help you

China Slimming Capris Manufacturer The shape index is medium, enough to hold the daily wear scene, moderate pressure, the waist fish scaly bones are carved with curved contours, there are fish bones, the support is better, the waist stability is increased, and the skin-friendly high-strength fabric effectively constricts the abdomen. The second becomes "small" Waist essence"

Long-legged plastic pants, effectively condense the excess flesh on the roots of the thighs and the buttocks, and help you shape the perfect waist-to-hip ratio. Pair with high heels to lengthen the legs. This girl with perfect waist, thin legs and long buttocks, may you come from heaven Fairy?

Seamless Shapewear Factory China S-SHAPER one-piece boxer bodysuit, if you need to gather the chest and condense the abdomen at the same time, then the S-SHAPER one-piece suit is very suitable. Apple-shaped girls look over it, put it on, and immediately have a smooth chest and waist curve,

The shape index is medium, the one-piece style has a smoother waist curve, suitable for occasions where you need to wear a waistline clothing, wide shoulder straps ensure wearing comfort, shoulders are not stretched, shoulders are straight and more confident, private bottom crotch buckle, pure cotton bottom Crotch design, intimate care of every small detail of your daily wear.

The V-shaped design on the back is effective for decompression, and it is matched with lace to perfectly fit the body shape. Every stitch and thread is for the smoothest curve. There is nothing like a dress with a perfect curve or a cheongsam dress sister, Tingting curls up when walking towards you. It's beautiful, as if the world is shining.

High Waist Pants Supplier China S-SHAPER sculpting heavy-duty high waist mid-length leg sculpting trousers, postpartum recovery, or you should not miss it if you have a heavy weight. This "heavy weapon" for body management, caring for the body and caring for the health of the waist, is as light as a gauze, and can be shaped Power, but full marks.

The shaping index is heavy, suitable for postpartum mothers, or other people who have a lot of meat on the abdomen. The heavy shaping model should pay more attention to the wearing experience. The soft mesh jacquard fabric has a smooth and delicate touch. The overall thin and light design is suitable for elasticity and compliant.

The single-layer mesh fabric with the hip-lifting line not only refreshes and breathes, but also modifies the round and full buttocks. The thin waist of the willow meets the peach buttocks. It is the gentle wind of spring and the fullness and sweetness of ripe peaches.

Everyone may be dissatisfied with the figure for various reasons, but it’s good to shape and modify it properly and be yourself. It’s not a big deal to eat a few more bites and swim a few times less, maintain a healthy, confident and active life. Status is the elegance and beauty that S-SHAPER wants to give you with this shapewear!