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Will there be any harm in wearing shapewear for a long time?

2021-11-16 15:15:19
To say that girls are willing to pay no matter how much they make themselves beautiful! There are beauty instruments ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in the front, and various body shaping clothes in the back.

News of this kind is constantly emerging. While lamenting that poverty limits our imagination, we must also consider that there is nothing wrong with the love of beauty. Every girl definitely wants to become more and more beautiful, but every When I read these news, I really wanted to ask them: Do you have any misunderstandings about shapewear? The most important and ultimate goal of shapewear is to shape! Shape! Shape!

Come on, let’s give everyone a posture today-what are the basic qualities of an excellent shapewear? It is irrational to buy shapewear and only pay attention to the price! The price of shapewear has no direct relationship with its quality! Shapewear Shapewear, since it is used for shaping, it is still necessary to judge the quality of a shapewear by wearing effect and comfort!

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1. No curling: curled shapewear will cause uneven body fat

2. Bleedness: If the body shaping clothing is too tight, it will cause uneven force, which will oppress the blood circulation, and not only will not have the effect of shaping, but it may also damage the body shape.

3. Good tension: A good shapewear must have good tension. The elasticity should not be too strong, nor should it become loose after being worn a few times. If the elasticity is too strong, the shapewear will not have the effect of shaping, it will only change with your body shape, but the shapeless shapewear is too tight and will oppress people unable to breathe.

4. Good breathability and dehumidification: There is a saying that when wearing inferior body shaping clothes, the sultry and sticky experience is really a torture! Everyone must pay attention to choosing shapewear with better breathability and moisture removal when purchasing.

5. Good softness: This depends on the material of the body shaper. The hard body shaper material will not only make you act like you are wearing armor, but also stabbing meat if you are not careful~

6. Tailoring that fits the curve of the human body: The effect of one-piece shapewear is the best among all shapers, but shapewear that is unreasonably tailored will only make the body worse. If you have the above conditions, but also have the effect of lifting buttocks, supporting the chest, and the design of humanization, easy to go to the toilet, and the value of the face is high, then it is very good!

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It has excellent moisture absorption, breathability and antibacterial effects. It is not afraid to wash the abdomen with built-in volcanic energy stones and anion fat burning nets. The scientific tailoring design brings not only excellent effects, but also an extraordinary comfort experience.

It can be directly used as a warm base coat for autumn and winter. Important parts such as chest support, waist, back and buttocks have been specially designed to conform to the human body curve. The waist, hips, and breasts are slim, and there is no sense of restraint behind the upper body. Long-term wear becomes loose. It also has the effect of detoxification, soothing and promoting metabolism

You are only as close as this shapewear to your bumpy figure! Also, be sure to measure your body shape before buying shapewear! Because shapewear is not as tight as possible, it must be evenly applied to all parts of the body so that the whole body can get the same pressure. Only in this way can the pressure be used to massage the fat and make the subcutaneous fat evenly distributed.

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If there is too much pressure on the tights, not only will it be uncomfortable to wear, but it will also easily lead to edema! So before buying, you must first clarify your height, weight and measurements, and choose the appropriate size accordingly. Don't believe in "free size" shapewear.