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Does S-SHAPER shapewear really work? How long can one S-SHAPER be worn?

Is the S-SHAPER shapewear useful? Many people have doubts about the shaping effect of a shapewear even if they see the effects of the beauty tricks on their friends. Some people have become very cautious because of the long and difficult road, and some people have doubts because of the lack of understanding of the principles. Is there any effect of the beauty sculpting garment? Is there any harm to the human body? Will it be uncomfortable to wear?

First experience of S-SHAPER shapewear

No matter how good the shapewear is, if it is uncomfortable to wear, it will not improve you too much if you can't insist on wearing it! Many friends who have worn traditional shapewear should be able to appreciate that, unlike traditional shapewear, the S-SHAPER shapewear has a light and soft texture, smooth and delicate touch on the hands, outstanding fabric texture and production technology, and makes people look at it from a distance or The gorgeousness and charm revealed from a closer look.

Wearing is also simple and convenient, not as laborious as traditional shapewear. It will be very comfortable to put the fat in the right position while wearing it. After wearing it, you can squat and stretch the body to make the clothes.
Adapt to the body.

Good resilience makes the shapewear fit naturally and comfortably on the body. Pressure will not cause discomfort to the body. Under such pressure, it can hold the fat, not only the size of the pants is one size smaller than the original size, but the loose fat is also taken away. Live, coupled with the breathability of the fabric, it will feel very comfortable to wear.

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Does S-SHAPER have any effect?

Traditional shapewear achieves its purpose by pushing and squeezing the size of fat. And when it comes to the principle of S-SHAPER, it is not simply a matter of shifting fat.

Now most people should understand: reducing loquat is actually reducing fat content. The main cause of fat formation is the slowing down of basal metabolism. Simply put, excess fat is formed when absorption is greater than consumption, and fat is stimulated by the sub-health of the body. protect.

Therefore, if you want excess fat, you not only need to consume the excess fat that has been deposited, but also need to regulate the sub-health status of the body and balance the health of the body. There are many ways to reduce fat, single fat loss and weight loss, without comprehensive management and conditioning, and the rebound situation is not uncommon.

1. Fat consumption: The germanium element contained in the S-SHAPER body shaper accelerates the metabolism. 8 hours of wearing is equivalent to 1.5 hours of exercise. The consumption is greater than the absorption of the body and the body starts to use fat to supplement, so that the excess body fat will gradually decrease.

2. Physique conditioning: sub-health problems such as cold palace, meridian and poor blood circulation are also important causes of fat deposition. The conditioning effect of volcanic energy stone to warm palace and protect palace and detoxify, combined with germanium, promotes the normalization of the body's circulatory system. So as to improve physique healthily.

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Has anyone lost weight in S-SHAPER?

The answer is yes, but you need to stick to your clothes and make changes step by step. S-SHAPER is not a medicine. It cannot guarantee how many catties you will lose in a few days. If you do not follow your body's balance, the weight will be doubled and rebound.

Wearing S-SHAPER for 3-6 months, I slowly become slim, not only healthy but also shaping, it's better than losing a lot at the beginning, but then rebounding back. Therefore, if you want to get effective improvement, you can't do it overnight. With patience and persistence, plus the *guidance of the stylist, I believe the effect will make you !

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How long can an S-SHAPER be worn?

One is elasticity, and the other is whether the function is maintained. S-SHAPER began to use Lycra plastic beauty fiber fabric, which has good resilience and little possibility of deformation. Through the correct way of washing and maintenance, it can maintain a long-term wearing of a beauty model.

So why do you need more than three pieces when buying a beauty plan, which is convenient to change and maintain, so that the beauty plan can be used for a long time.

S-SHAPER's advocacy of the beauty of the figure, the purpose of reducing Fei is also for this purpose, blindly reducing the body and body shape will not achieve the effect. So your attention should be diverted from the scale, *should pay attention to the size of each girth.