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Why does the bra move up?

2022-04-24 18:51:45

Many women who wear underwear have encountered the experience of underwear running up, and every time they have to pull the underwear down, so why does the bra move up?

1. The underwear size is not suitable

When buying underwear online, you should choose the appropriate size according to the size chart on the product page; when buying underwear in an underwear store, you can try it to see if the size of the underwear is suitable, and choose the right size underwear. In this way, you can avoid the situation that the underwear does not fit properly.

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2. Underwear straps are too tight

The shoulder straps of most underwear can be adjusted. If the shoulder straps of the underwear are adjusted too tightly, it will not only lift the whole underwear up, but also is not conducive to the health of the chest.

3. The bottom circumference of the underwear is too large

The service life of underwear is relatively short, and it will lose elasticity after wearing it for a period of time, and it will become looser. The bottom circumference of the underwear becomes larger, and it is easy to run up. At this time, you can consider changing to new underwear.

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What kind of bra is suitable?

1. When wearing a bra, the breasts cannot be squeezed out from the edge, indicating that the cup is too small.
2. There is a protrusion under the armpit, indicating that the chest is too small or the side is too narrow.
3. After the arms are raised, the bra lifts up and the breasts are exposed, indicating that the cups are too large.
4. There are deep streaks on the shoulders, indicating that the shoulder straps are too short. In addition, there are red marks around the breasts that have been strangled, or if you feel pain, you should also be alert to whether the bra is not suitable.

The right bra size, preferably the distance between the breasts and the bra, can accommodate 1-2 fingers, and it should be comfortable to wear and move freely. Remember that the bra should not be too tight, especially those with underwire bras. The size must be wider. When stretching and exercising, there will be no pressure on the chest, and the bra will not come out of the breast. After the bra is removed, there will be no streaks around the breast.