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What are the functions of adjustable underwear?

2022-04-20 18:17:07

There is no natural clothes hanger in the world, and almost everyone has body troubles. People who are plump, bloated and thin and flat need to be adjusted with the help of external force. Moreover, our three circumferences are affected by the aging of muscle tissue and the influence of gravity. As we age, there will be elastic fatigue, relaxation and sagging. The most obvious changes are the sagging of the chest, breasts and buttocks, and the sagging of the waist and abdominal muscles. Among them, women's breast sagging is the most serious (about 20 degrees of sagging every ten years on average). Therefore, adjustable underwear is particularly important.

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Perfect body

Adjustable underwear uses elastic material to burn and consume part of the excess fat by using the natural movement of the body, and then presses and pushes it to the breasts and buttocks respectively according to the principle of fat movement, so as to modify the perfect curve. For thin and flat people, it is even more necessary to use the principle of fat migration to concentrate the fat in the armpit, back and lower abdomen on the chest, lift the fat at the root of the thigh and the outer side and fix it on the buttocks to create a delicate Fit body.

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normal development

In addition, choosing to wear the correct underwear can not only guide the growth of the body correctly, but also can protect the normal development of the skeleton to a certain extent. Prevent bending of the skeleton.

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