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What is tourmaline? What does tourmaline clothing do?

2022-03-18 18:54:19
Tourmaline was first discovered in Sri Lanka, when it was regarded as a gemstone as precious as diamonds and rubies. The biggest feature of single crystal tourmaline is that it can permanently generate a weak current of 0.06mA, which is similar to the current passing through human nerves, which promotes smooth blood circulation. (Using the negative ions and infrared functions of tourmaline can cure cold limbs, shoulder pain, low back pain, physiological pain and neuralgia, etc. for women who have been troubled for many years.)

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Of course, the advantage of tourmaline is not only the generation of electric current, as long as it is used properly, various effects can be obtained, and it has advantages that other minerals do not have:
1. Generate negative ions
Negative ions, also known as [air vitamins], can regulate the balance of ions in the human body, relax the body and mind, activate cells, improve the natural healing rate, etc., and can inhibit the oxidation or aging of the body.
2. Electrolyzed water
After water electrolysis, various effects such as interface activation, stabilization of chlorine, passivation of iron, reduction of water, and removal of silica and binders (aggregates of microorganisms) can be obtained. Tourmaline reacts with water, and it can deal with problems that even chemical lotions and chemicals are difficult to deal with.
3. Shrink the water molecular beam
4. Emit far-infrared rays (infrared rays with a wavelength of 4-14 microns)
Far infrared rays can penetrate deep into the body, warm cells, promote blood circulation, and smooth metabolism. The far-infrared emission power of tourmaline is nearly 100%, which is higher than that of other minerals.
5. Contains effective trace minerals
Tourmaline contains a variety of natural minerals, many of which are the same as those necessary for humans. Minerals are easily absorbed by the action of a weak current.

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Tourmaline is widely used in functional fibers, textiles, clothing, coating materials, drinking water purification, building materials, daily necessities and composite materials.

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