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What is the difference between sports leggings and yoga pants?

2021-11-11 11:55:16
During the exercise, my friends said: I don’t like to wear sports tights, because I am afraid that the flesh will be squeezed into "tires", and I prefer loose sports pants! ! But in fact, the extensibility of the fabric of professional tights will be more comfortable and free than other trousers, and the wrapping and breathability are relatively better. It will make your movements more flexible and in place, and get rid of the stickiness and discomfort! Choosing a pair of tights must pass five tests

Appearance: It doesn't matter whether it is beautiful or not, it is important to wear beauty, refuse to wear two fleshy legs! Elasticity: The important thing about fitness wear is to be flexible and not restrained. What if the pants are torn in a big action?

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Breathability: During exercise, some pants are like a layer of plastic wrap on the legs, so hot that you can't breathe, you can imagine the exercise experience! Water absorption and quick-drying: No matter how much you sweat, you don’t have to worry about the wet touch, this is the one you deserve! Is a pair of leggings enough to satisfy all sports?

In fact, the selection of leggings is also different. Different exercise options have different functions, such as leggings suitable for basic fitness/pilates, yoga, and aerobic fitness. Today we will talk about their differences and recommend professional sports tights for you. Basic fitness/pilates leggings ✨ cotton soft nude, high elasticity and flexible stretch

Basic fitness / Pilates pay attention to control + stable core, body extension and strength balance, choose these 92% high-quality combed cotton tights, gentle care to create a nude sports experience; the fabric is added with spandex, which is comfortable and high elasticity. Deformation; widening the waist seal, optimizing the waist-to-hip ratio, making it look thinner visually ~ Yoga tights ✨ seamless knitting, just like the second layer of skin

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Yoga is the exercise of balance and flexibility, a combination of breathing + static power. In yoga, more attention is paid to the comfort of dress. This yoga tights uses a four-needle and six-thread process to reduce skin friction; high elasticity, reducing exercise restraint; high waist version can support the abdomen, hide the waist and abdomen; refreshing non-sticky technical fabrics help the skin Stay comfortable! 3. Aerobic fitness leggings ✨ Breathable hips, waist and abdomen shaping.

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Medium to high-intensity aerobic fitness sweats a lot, and there are certain requirements for the breathability and perspiration of the clothing. You can try this pair of leggings. Breathable mesh design, comfortable and light. If you have been coveting the "peach buttocks" for a long time, then this one is also very suitable for you, high-waist tailored leggings, waist and abdomen shaping, peach smile line out! Will not easily grind out the ball marks, wear it, you can hold it in strenuous exercise! Choosing the right leggings during exercise shows a better state of exercise and can enhance the exercise experience.