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What are the ways to lose weight quickly?

2021-08-20 10:25:21

Arms are actually very prone to slack. Arms are generally divided into inner and outer sides. The flesh on the inner side is relatively easy to slack. If you don’t exercise, it will look very strong and slosh, which will affect the image very much. , Below, the slimming editor of Slimming Wo recommends some quick ways to thin your arms.

What are the ways to lose weight quickly?

1. Correct thin arm massage

Put it on the fat place on the arm. Rub it a little on the watery fat area, and then push it down in the direction of venous return and lymphatic return, which is equivalent to excretion of water to the armpits. Lax arm is affected by collagen fibers, so we need to help it drain and increase the flow rate.

In addition to the local area, we also need to focus on the whole body. For example, eat more foods with antioxidant effects, and do not drink too many beverages containing pigments that will increase the burden on the kidneys.

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2. Thin arms are used to treat roughness and looseness.

Generally speaking, the upper arm is divided into the inner and outer sides. The inner side is relatively loose in tissue. If the looseness is severe and the wind blows like a flag, it is what we call butterfly sleeves. This is quite unsightly. Therefore, our thin arms are used to treat roughness and looseness.

Now, check the inner side of your arm. If it is more swollen, it usually has more water. We can strengthen the venous circulation and lymphatic drainage to contract the muscles. You might as well try a massage.

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3. Practice thin arms at home

We often say that going to the gym is too troublesome. In fact, the time spent sitting at home watching TV can be used cleverly to do thin-arm exercises. For example, you can hold a remote control or a bottle of mineral water, or anything with a little weight, to exercise.

There is an action in yoga, which is to raise your arm first, and then one hand must be bent back vigorously, but the spine must be straight.

When everyone is working hard, the other hand is completely relaxed, and you can hold a bottle of mineral water tightly. Because when we bend our hands vigorously, the joints of the hands are reversed, and when we vigorously bend our hands, we can only stretch the lowered muscles. But you don't have to be slow in the stretching process, so that the effect is better.

You can do 100 reps a day, 50 reps for each hand. Hold on for a while, and you will immediately see that the muscles on the inside of your arm will gradually tighten up. It is important to warm up before doing any exercise, especially when the spine is involved.

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4. Clever use of clothing to cover can also "thin arms"

If our butterfly sleeves can't be lost quickly, we can also cover up with clothing. For example: people with thick arms should not wear purely bare shoulders or clothes with shoulder straps; if their arms are too fat, they can wear shoulder-length clothes;

Do not fasten buttons when you wear three-quarter sleeves; buy clothes based on the shoulders; wear clothes that exceed your fattest part, so there is no so-called three-quarter sleeves, eight-quarter sleeves or two-quarter sleeves, where do you think If you are the fattest, let the clothes come down a little to cover it; try not to wear clothes with necked sleeves and puff sleeves.