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Is it true that the tighter the shapewear is, the more effective it is?

Wrong Wrong Wrong! Really don't have the myth of "the tighter the more effective"

What are the problems with tight shapewear?

▲The internal organs are compressed and the internal organs are injured.

▲It directly causes pressure and burden on the skin, which can easily lead to redness, swelling and allergies.

▲Affect blood circulation. When the circulation is poor, oxygen and nutrients cannot be transported to the organs and tissues of the body, which may easily lead to diseases.

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Reluctant to wear shapewear that doesn't fit or is too tight

Not only is it uncomfortable, but it will only become more ingrained in the belief that shapewear is difficult to wear, which will accelerate the idea of ​​giving up

It will not be because of the tailoring that does not conform to the body shape, the body shape can achieve the desired change in a short time

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The correct concept of body sculpting should be to choose a body sculpt with moderate tightness, elasticity and pressure, and to make body adjustments step by step. Really suitable and effective shapewear should be worn with a tightly wrapped and integrated sense of security, rather than being uncomfortable.

Shapewear is best to fit your body shape, if you can "tailor-made" it is definitely the first choice. Because everyone's body structure is different, even if the height and weight are the same, some people are round and some are flat, and their body shapes are different. Only by choosing a body shaper that fits your body shape can you really adjust the body shape that needs to be sculpted.

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