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Do you really need shapewear?

Women’s pursuit of beauty is endless, and body management is the career and compulsory course of a woman’s life. The good or bad of body management will be known at first sight. In the same posture, others are goddesses, and you are a female nerve, others It's the temptation to get wet. You didn't take an umbrella when it rained.

But girls who are born with good bodies are rare after all, especially women who have reached a mature age.
Everyone who has a dazzling figure must pay a lot behind it. Their beauty is carefully crafted by the day after tomorrow. Although it is difficult to manage the figure, it must be done, and it will not be too late!

In the stereotype, bodywear is traditional tights. It’s uncomfortable to wear and can cause harm to the body if worn for a long time. However, after 500 years of development, the 21st century body sculpting clothing is not based on the principle of squeezing the flesh. In tights.

It is a shapewear designed according to the golden ratio of the female figure based on the scientific research of human body fat in structural mechanics, ergonomics, new material science and other fields.
Therefore, if you pay attention to the shape, no matter you are fat or thin, want a graceful body curve, and have a tall swan body, you should wear S-SHAPER Open Crotch Functional Shapewear Manufacturer

Who is destroying your body shape? The truth you must understand is that gravity causes the body to deform naturally. After the age of 25, women will become fat on their breasts, buttocks and body with the gravity of the earth.
It is sagging at a rate of 0.1-0.2 cm per year, and fat in the abdomen, waist, and legs is increasing at a rate of 0.5 cm per year.

After pregnancy, the size of breasts, waist and buttocks has greatly increased. Although the uterus can recover quickly after delivery, the recovery of the abdomen is far behind the recovery speed of the uterus, and fat containing a lot of water still accumulates in the lower abdomen.

Incorrect sitting posture and physiological obesity. Long-term sitting posture thickens the fat on the legs and abdomen. Incorrect sitting posture can cause fat accumulation in the back and legs. Due to insufficient exercise, unscientific diet, and genetic and endocrine disorders Obesity caused by factors such as severely deformed the body.

China Compression Shapewear Supplier

Do you really don't need to wear shapewear?

Whether you are an office worker or a novice mother, whether you are fat or thin, as long as you are over 25 years old, you need to wear a body shaper to drain and position the fat, and gradually return the lost, displaced, and sagging fat to its place. To the right position, let the fat be distributed reasonably, gradually improve the body shape, and resist the ravages of the years, S-SHAPER tailor-made shapewear.

Selected new technology fabrics, promote fat burning, light and thin, elastic, tight and breathable, can be worn all year round, comfortable and high elasticity, reduce stress, improve comfort, according to ergonomics, use line structure, four-way high elasticity, tightness Shape the waist and abdomen curve, natural beauty, 3D three-dimensional tailoring design, comfortable and proper wrapping, finely crafted to manage fat, and create a perfect proportion.

The waist and abdomen are specially added with natural precious materials, warming and micro-energy, warming the palace and inhibiting bacteria, and more care.

The women corsets on sale wholesales that can be worn every day, without bones, pressure, and marks, 100% care for women's health, quietly and stylishly, renewed, light and strengthened, chest, abdomen, buttocks, straight posture, Reshape the swan-like body, enhance the temperament, choose different types of shapewear for different body shapes.

The comfortable elasticity applied to the body makes the skin firm, elastic, and has a super plastic management effect, improves the body fat management, and helps more women return to a young and confident body! ❤