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The benefit of tourmaline clothing

2021-03-22 14:40:23

Tourmaline is a joint name of tourmaline minerals which have a complicated chemical component. It featured with piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity, electrical conductivity, FIR and release anion. These featured make tourmaline used in different filed. (China Tourmaline Bamboo Bodysuit Factory)

Tourmaline Bamboo Leggings

First, tourmaline clothing can heated when they feel the human body’s temperature. After the tourmaline feels the heat, it will form electrically charged. While tourmaline have electrically charged, it will emit infrared light which make people feels the heat. When people’s body sweat it can release the pressure.

Second,tourmaline can boost metabolism and blood circulation, adjust nervous centralis and cerebral cortex that can improve heart disease.

Tourmaline Bamboo Shorts

Third, tourmaline activated biomacromolecule and the activation of molecule can help to adjust immune system and body balance.

Fourth, the anion in the tourmaline through breathing and skin get in to the human body. Anion can adjust the balance of the blood, make blood clear and reduce blood pressure. On the other hand, anion can also improve sleeping quality by stable the nervous system. Plus, anion can fresh the air and remove odor.

No matter in what season, you can wear tourmaline to make your body better. S-shaper (Wholesales Tourmaline Bamboo Tank Top) supply different types of tourmaline clothing, you can find the one you like in here.