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S-Shaper China Women Shapers Manufacturer tell you the importance of wearing shapewear

2020-12-21 18:19:55

The principle of shaping clothes

The reason why the shapewear has a body-sculpting effect is because it comprehensively uses the relevant principles of aesthetics, fat freeology, ergonomics, human mechanics, anthropometry, human hygiene, medicine, etc., and then through professional fabrics, unique The design and cutting, etc., promote the reasonable flow and even distribution of female body fat under appropriate pressure, and finally achieve the purpose of improving the shape and achieving the beauty of curves.

There are many benefits to wearing shapewear

Shapewear leads the fashion trend. According to statistics, 70% of women in France wear shapewear for a long time. With the improvement of Chinese women's living standards and the gradual emphasis on body shaping, shapewear that can improve the measurements and shape the body is the new trend of the body fashion in the 21st century after the fever of weight loss.

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Wearing shapewear is a need for health. Since women are 25 years old, due to the accumulation of fat and gravity, the secondary sexual characteristics are gradually weakening, and our faces and figures are slowly aging. The shapewear can drain and locate the flowing fat, distribute the fat reasonably, and effectively improve the problem of poor posture.

Wearing shapewear can satisfy women's needs for their own beauty. Everyone has the love of beauty. A good shape determines a person's temperament. We not only want the beauty of the soul, but also the appearance that cannot be ignored. Shapewear not only brings us a beautiful and beautiful figure, but also brings us confidence, youth, vitality, and health, so that people around us can recognize ourselves more and make our lives better!

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After giving birth, wear shaping clothes to reshape your body

After giving birth, it is the best time for a woman to shape her body. During pregnancy, I eat a lot of nutritious things for the health of the child, which causes the fat cells to swell and become hypertrophy. Fat did not return to its original size immediately after giving birth. Due to the gravity of the earth's center, fat will move where it shouldn't go and accumulate there. The fat distribution is unreasonable, so the whole person looks bloated and loose and has no aesthetic feeling. However, if you can pay attention to exercise, and then match body underwear to give reasonable pressure and control to the fat, the body will be reshaped and even more beautiful than before.

Weight loss also needs shapewear

Gravity is downward, whether fat people or thin people, with age, the skin becomes loose, the breasts droop, and the buttocks fall. The shapewear is designed according to the principle of anti-gravity. Wearing body-fitting underwear can effectively prevent and delay the aging of the body and help you to have a good body forever.

The size of the breast is governed by the amount of breast fat. By wearing professional body underwear, the fat under the arms and the stomach is concentrated on the chest, so that the chest is naturally full. The reasonable pressure of the shaping clothes acts on the breasts, which can strengthen the glands and pedicle tissues in the breasts, strengthen and beautify the breasts.

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Shapewear helps you tighten your abdomen, thin waist, and shape your hips

A flat abdomen and a smooth waistline are important signs of a good figure for women. However, with age, gravity, fertility, long-term incorrect standing and sitting posture, incorrect underwear wearing and other factors, the waist and abdominal muscles are loosened, thereby accumulating fat And gradually form cellulite, making the figure deformed.

The reasonable pressure of the shapewear can comfortably transfer the fat on the waist and abdomen to the correct position. Wearing the shapewear correctly for a few months, you will naturally have a smooth waistline, set off a plump chest, round buttocks, and of course look good!