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S-SHAPER Provides for Body Shaper Slimming Women Corsets Cincher Belt

The advantages of wearing shapewear

First of all, we often wear shapewear to prevent us from overeating. Now many friends who lose weight always can't control their mouths. Shapewear has a great abdomen effect, which can help us control our diet.(hip squat belt supplier china)

Secondly, it can help us to reduce the belly. Small belly is a problem for female friends. Wearing shapewear can tighten our stomachs, increase our gastrointestinal pressure, speed up the discharge of garbage in our body, and prevent fat accumulation on the stomach.

Finally, often wearing shapewear will help us adjust the breast shape. (women corsets on sale wholesales) Because most female friends will have accessory breasts, shapewear can not only help us regain accessory breasts, but also drag our breasts up and prevent sagging breasts.

S-SHAPER corsets features:
1.Waist line control;
2.Body shaping, Burn fat;
3.Improve Blood circulation, speeding up metabolism;
4.Eliminating fatigue rapidly;
5.Constant massage effect;innovative fabric includes hundreds of tourmaline spheres, which help burning fat without squeezing.

Classification of shapewear

From the function: it is divided into body shaping bottoming shirt and body shaping underwear. Body sculpting bottoming shirts have both body sculpting and matching and outer wear functions, and body sculpting underwear is used to shape and keep warm.(cheap body shaper shapewear supplier)

From the material:the body-sculpting bottoming shirt is mostly wool and other animal and plant fiber blends. Body-sculpting underwear is mostly cotton blend fiber with Lycra.

From the texture:the bottoming shirts are mostly low-pressure and high-elastic natural fibers. Body-sculpting underwear is mostly dense chemical fiber with high pressure, medium and low elasticity.

From the modified part:the body-sculpting bottoming shirt is divided into correction type, adjustment type and concealer type. Body shaping underwear is mainly corrective.