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S-Shaper 5th anniversary celebration and relocation celebration concluded successfully

  • Author:shaper
  • Release on:2018-06-05

On May 26, 2018, the S-SHAPER 5th Anniversary Celebration and Housewarming Celebration ended successfully. At the event, guests from all walks of life, friends and family came to congratulate and lively.

First, visit the new address, talk about life, enjoyment and pleasure

Entertainment and fun, easy and fun - friends and players to learn from each other, the scene improvisation PK.

Want to communicate, collide sparks - partners to relive the past friendship, talk about business operations.

Second, meet the dinner, cheer the wine, toast

In the evening, everyone went to the celebration dinner, enjoyed the show, and sang the wine. Dai’s speech opened the curtain of the dinner, and the live blessings of the two guests (Zhou Zong, international friends) ignited the atmosphere of the dinner.

Various departments have successively presented wonderful performances and won praises.

Solo singer "Send you a horse", accompanying you to ride the wind and waves, bravely screaming at the end of the world; chorus "No longer hesitate", may you have no fear of storms, dreams can finally be seen; everyone sings "We are long lived", I wish you and I do not regret youth, respect Our friendship is rare!

The gap between each performance was interspersed with exciting thrills, which pushed the atmosphere to a climax. The lucky friends who won the prize won the mascot of S-SHAPER, and they all smiled.

Wuhan Branch and Zhongshan Garment Factory are the company's anniversary celebrations. The special video is a blessing to add a brilliance to the dinner.

In a good atmosphere, S-SHAPER prepared a surprise for the members. Before the exquisite and delicious cake, the members who joined the company in the first half of the year came to the stage, faced with the wish of the cake, and felt the warmth and care of the company.

With the cheerful background music, the party is coming to an end...

Time flies, the years are like a shuttle. Five years of working together to achieve S-SHAPER today. The road to growth is inseparable from the close cooperation of partners and the strong support of friends. Thank you all the way!

Honor belongs to the past and development aims to the future. As a vibrant enterprise, Aisheqi will continue to uphold the people-oriented, factory-oriented, quality-seeking, self-transcendence, and innovation! I believe we can continue to go through one and another five years, ten years, twenty years...