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Men's body shaping girdle usage:

  1, three-dimensional cutting

   The high-quality body shaping underwear has good elasticity. It can fit and slim the body like a shadow. The general principle is to keep the fat in the best position.

For example, push the fat flowing to the stomach back into the chest to enlarge the bust, and push the excess fat down to the buttocks to create a flat and strong abdomen; lift the buttocks fat up to make it look round and elastic .

Neoprene Sauna Suits For Weight Loss Really high-quality body shaping underwear adopts three-dimensional cutting method, through three-dimensional cutting, the body shaping effect is better.

 High-quality adjusted underwear will consider the use of memory alloy technology to make the time for adjusting underwear wear as long as possible. After wearing for a period of time and the body shape becomes better, it will automatically "design" the most suitable shape and size after the change.

  2, elasticity

   Strictly speaking, the body shaping belt is woven. Only weaving can make the material more flexible. In addition to flexibility, it is also required to have good resilience and not easy to deform. For example, the resilience of cross-knitting is 3 times that of normal weaving.

Good vertical and horizontal extension and tightening force, stretching with the body's movement, in the invisible force of extension and tightening, it massages the skin naturally. Moreover, its anti-gravitational method pushes fat from bottom to top to prevent the production of cellulite.

  3, shaping clothes material

   Tummy Waist Trimmer Supplier China ROICA (polyurethane fiber) and POLYURETHANE (polyurethane) combined space fiber, contains body-like negative ions, negative ions can rub free fat. They can also maintain excellent ventilation and heat dissipation, warm in winter and cool in summer, so that the body's metabolism can be maintained normal, and they can be worn on the body for a long time without any adverse effects.

  4, ergonomics

   High-quality girdle seals will take into account the principles of ergonomics when designing, and are designed according to the golden ratio of human bones. If worn for a long time, it can be adjusted to a beautiful figure according to the golden ratio.

Wrong usage of men's body shaping girdle

   Wrong usage of men's body shaping girdle:

   1. It is a new gospel for losers who lose weight.

   Not necessarily. One of the purposes of wearing shaping underwear is to control your appetite. The restraint of the waist can prevent you from eating too much at each meal. Eight points of fullness should be the limit. The main function of body sculpting underwear is to adjust the distribution of body fat to make the curve beautiful instead of losing weight.

  2, the tighter the pinch, the better the effect.

  Due to the different causes and characteristics of imperfect curves, the solution must be based on the right remedy. Too tight it can easily damage the internal organs, make breathing difficult for the upper body, and even cause "green blood disease."

   3. It is normal to be strangled by body shaping underwear.

  Men's latex Waist Cincher Manufacturer should never happen. The curling of the waist is a problem with the design of the trousers. The person selling to you made you buy a pair of underpants.

   4. As long as it is not worn, it will still work, and it may continue to wear.

  The girdle with memory alloy will always change with your body shape. Even if the body-sculpting girdle is not broken, as long as there is slack, the body-sculpting effect will no longer be effective. Generally speaking, a high-quality product can be worn for two years.