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industry analysis:Sales of shapewear have soared!

  • Source:Hugo Net
  • Release on:2021-09-29
Analysis of the status quo and development of the shapewear market

1. In 2020, the global shapewear market reached 3.837 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to reach 5.937 billion U.S. dollars in 2026, with a compound growth rate (CAGR) of 6.43% from 2020 to 2026.

2. The global shapewear service market is mainly concentrated in North America, Europe, China and other regions. Among them, North America has the largest sales revenue share of shapewear, accounting for 32.71% of the world's total in 2020. Europe occupies 27.61%, China occupies 13.65% of the market share, while other regions have a smaller share.

3. China shapewear wholesales factory can be divided into shaping, sports and medical treatments. Among them, sports is the largest consumer market, accounting for 51.34% of the sales revenue market share in 2020.

In the past few years, benefiting from the ever-changing era, the underwear industry has gradually risen, and it has turned upside down. Compared with the traditional underwear brands, DTC sellers have occupied a lot of market share, showing a state of competition in the Central Plains. "Nude" is no longer just a color, but generally refers to underwear that is properly cut, comfortable and suitable for a wide range of people.

Although the industry as a whole has made great progress, if you want to always maintain vigorous vitality and lasting competitiveness, sellers must keep in mind: the underwear industry still has a long way to go, and the market is far from saturated.

Statistics show that by 2025, the global underwear market is expected to reach 325.36 billion US dollars.

Although women's underwear is usually associated with keywords such as sexy and seductive, female consumers pay more attention to the comfort of underwear at this stage. .

Industry inclusiveness, Women’s Underwear Manufacturer no longer limited to "perfect size"

In 2019, more brands are advocating consumers to face up to themselves and embrace themselves in their advertisements. Tu by Sainsbury's launched the "All Boobs Welcome" event, and in December of the same year, ThirdLove launched the "Every Body Is Beautiful" event. Although the catwalk of the show is still very slow to show models of different body types, especially underwear, more and more designers in the industry will redefine "sexy" and give feminist meaning.

Kim Slay audience, shapewear is popular

Last year, Kim Kardashian West wore the slay body shaper, and consumers' interest in body shaper underwear increased sharply. Shaping underwear is considered a must-have item, generally not affected by seasons and trends.

Brands purchased at third-party retailers usually rely on replenishment orders for core styles to transfer inventory, making the category very low-fashionable. Since the end of June, sales of shapewear in the United States and the United Kingdom have soared. Lingerie brands have also begun to penetrate this industry's $83 billion market.

The future can be expected. The prospect of sustainable products in the underwear market is good

People in need wear underwear every day. The lack of sustainable and environmentally friendly underwear is both a market negligence and an opportunity. Brands that make sustainability a part of the core of the brand cater to this and create a lot of revenue, but even so, underwear is only a small part of these companies' business. Such products account for only 3% and 2% of the current Reformation and Everlane retail products, respectively.

China Seamless Shapewear Manufacturer Like most products, the underwear category is also under pressure from fast fashion brands that have a place in the market. Nasty Gal's underwear variety in the past three months has doubled over the same period last year, while Boohoo's investment has increased by 34%. In order to be more competitive, the average prices advertised by major manufacturers of underwear began to drop.

But this does not mean that companies and sellers need to sacrifice profits to catch up with competitors. Sellers can use pricing tools to understand the prices and sales price points of each market, highlight their advantages, and make sales plans more wisely.

Both the U.S. and U.K. markets focus on retail underwear at prices of US$20 (£20) or lower. Given that the popularity of underwear at these prices exceeds the options, the US market may work harder to push it into a higher price range. This may be the case in the UK market.

What is the ultimate trend of the underwear market?

Due to the non-environmental nature of the dye consumption of cheap underwear and the use of polyester fiber, underwear will continue to be reviewed for environmental impact. As with most categories, sustainability will remain a key focus of Gen Z and millennial consumers.

In some people with special sexual orientation, the diversity and inclusiveness of underwear will be of great significance. The underwear industry needs to reassess the gender image that the industry traditionally focuses on. Australian brand JBC Lingerie has found opportunities for gender-specific products in this area, and Les Boys and Les Girls are also participants in this market. Sellers can think more in this direction.