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Is it really good to sleep without underwear? I'm afraid you haven't heard of sleep unde

2021-11-26 15:23:15
Many girls know that you can’t wear a bra while sleeping, but you certainly don’t know that “sleeping naked” on the chest is not necessarily good.

During sleep, most people's sleeping postures are constantly changing, one is lying on the side, another is lying down, and even lying on the bed, and our chests also shift with the changes in sleeping posture.

Side sleep

When sleeping on the side, if the chest has no supporting force, not only the lower chest will be pressed by the body, but the upper chest will shift because there is no supporting force. Therefore, some girls wake up after sleeping on the side for a night, and they will find the chest pains like being pulled.

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Lie flat

When lying on your back, your chest spreads out to both sides. Girls with big breasts will obviously feel their breasts spread out and feel pain. When the supporting force is lost, a slight sagging will occur.

Fall asleep

Sleeping in the prone position is not only easy to compress the internal organs and make breathing difficult, but also has a certain impact on the reproductive system, and also has a great impact on the chest. This will completely compress the breast nerves, which is an undesirable sleeping position.

If a girl who feels chest pain during sleep, maybe you really need a sleep underwear.

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After lying down, the flesh on the breast is easy to slide to the sides, causing it to expand outward, and the breast shape is a little loose. When lying down, it is basically flat, and the breast is completely unsupported.

The role of sleep underwear is to prevent external expansion at night, without steel ring design, completely without restraint and without pressure.

It ensures the concentrated accumulation of breast fat at night and prevents loose breast shape. When the chest relaxes at night, it is good to shape the upper body.

In addition to sleep wear, sleep underwear can also be worn as a sports underwear. It has good covering properties and is sweat-absorbing and breathable.

When lying down

Sleep underwear is made of skin-friendly stretch fabrics and cut into pieces. When lying flat, prevent the chest from spreading to the sides and upper part

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When sleeping on the side

When sleeping on the side, give some support to the middle of the chest to prevent the chest from sagging and being squeezed.

Wearing sleep underwear for a long time can reduce the stretching of the chest skin during sleep, improve outward expansion, reduce the distance between the breasts, and make the breasts more rounded.

Speaking of this, not all girls need to wear sleep underwear. It is generally recommended for girls with slightly larger breasts and softer breasts.

For example, it is a girl with cup C and above. Also, girls who want to improve or prevent breast expansion and reduce the distance between the breasts may wish to buy a sleep underwear to try.