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The role of caffeine tourmaline shapewear

2021-11-25 14:04:48
Regardless of the plump or flat figure, you need to rely on external forces to adjust to the most perfect state. Body sculpting is to use the natural rhythm of the body to burn and consume a part of excess fat.

Then press the principle of fat movement and traditional Chinese medicine, push it to the breast and buttocks, adduct your waistline, neckline, and modify the most perfect measurement curve.

For people who are thin and flat, it is more necessary to use the principle of fat migration to concentrate the fat under the armpits, back and lower abdomen on the chest, and lift and fix the fat on the root and outside of the thigh on the buttocks, creating a bumpy texture. Good figure.

China Tourmaline Bamboo Bodysuit factory

Main ingredients

1. Caffeine fabric imported from Italy

2. Tourmaline fabric

The function of caffeine fabric

Revolutional Slim (caffeine fabric) is the latest high-tech fabric in Italy. Advocating the concept of fashion and slim,

Unique among similar fabrics. Caffeine fabric has both water-soluble and fat-soluble properties, only these two properties are available at the same time

It can effectively penetrate into the skin and spread to the epidermis and dermis to regulate the secretion of autologous enzymes to promote lipolysis and achieve the effect of reshaping and restructuring body fat.

The fabric is not tight-fitting, shaping smooth curves invisibly; the fabric is hollow tubular weaving, which produces a siphon effect when worn, and has a super moisture-wicking effect; the fabric has long-lasting elasticity and supports free tailoring, without curling or fraying.

China Caffeine Infused Bodysuit factory

Tourmaline fabric

Tourmaline fabric is a kind of natural medicinal ore, containing a variety of essential trace elements for the human body

With bioelectrode micro current. Effectively penetrate into deep parts of the body, activate cells, promote metabolism, and regulate the microcirculation of the central nervous system

It can make human body fluids weakly alkaline and adjust the body to the best state; ensure a healthy internal environment and resist the intrusion of harmful factors; purify the blood and remove toxins; resist fatigue and ensure vigorous energy

The role of tourmaline fabric:

1. Negative ions and far infrared rays directly act on the skin. Balance yin and yang, warm the meridians, warm yang and dispel cold.
2. Promote blood circulation, excitement, relieve pain and fatigue.
3. Activate fat cells to accelerate transformation and have the effect of weight loss.
4. Has a deep thermal effect.

China Tourmaline Bamboo Bodysuit wholesales

Wear Slencera for 30 days for best results. This allows you to lose weight to 7 inches! The excess fat in the buttocks, thighs and abdomen will disappear. Even cellulite will disappear over time. Your legs and belly will be visibly slimmer and smoother.

Thanks to its massage effect, the new spectacular belt can reduce your waist by up to 3 cm and your hips by up to 2 cm. What's the secret? Its innovative fabric includes hundreds of tourmaline balls, which help burn fat without squeezing.