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How difficult is it to choose the right corset?

2021-11-27 11:38:49
How to choose the waist and the correct waist is actually a very important course. After all, it is worn personally, in case one is not careful... First, let us understand some basic knowledge of waistband.

Most of the waistband products circulating on the market are composed of composite fabrics, cotton, polyester, nylon, steel bone, whale bone, fish scale bone, and so on.

Common styles are generally buckle style, snap style and so on. Um huh, focus on it!!! The good or bad materials used in the waist product have an important influence on the wearing comfort, line feeling and corset effect of the final product.

why would you said this? For example, when you buy a low-quality corset product, sweat is not easy to absorb and volatilize when it is worn plastic in the summer, and it is easy to breed bacteria and cause itching.

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When wearing plastic in winter, inferior metal materials are very easy to cause wear and tear on clothing. Severe ones are more likely to hurt you wearing this product. Therefore, pay special attention to the composition of the material when choosing corset products.

When you buy two products from different merchants, you will find that the feeling of wearing them is different. At this time, you must carefully understand whether the consumer groups of different businesses and different brands are similar to yours. How to choose a corset product that suits you?

As mentioned earlier, material and style are important factors that affect your choice of waistband. When choosing corset products, you need to have a price list and selection criteria in mind. If it is appropriate, start decisively, if it is inappropriate. Waiting for a while.

Generally, when buying corset products, we have to do the following three steps (emphasis!)
One smell, two touches and three to see what is one smell? In fact, you can understand it literally. Everyone who buys clothes, furniture, etc., will smell whether the goods have a peculiar smell.

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Generally speaking, regular products with a little peculiar smell are normal, and the peculiar smell will basically disappear after washing once or twice.

However, special attention should be paid to products with particularly heavy odors and repeated washing. It is likely that they are composed of some low-grade fabrics or have been stacked for a long time to cause odors.

What is the second touch? What to touch, how to touch? First touch the small metal of the waist buckle, and gently touch it with your fingertips to feel whether your hands are scratched. Inferior metal will scratch or hurt your fingers when you buckle.

Second, touch the overall material of the waistband to feel whether the fabric is soft and elastic. Cotton and nylon fabrics feel soft and comfortable immediately, while other materials of inferior quality feel rough and hard to the touch.

What is Sankan? First look at the product tag information. Any product that wants to circulate in the market needs to pass the quality inspection of the relevant state departments. Products that pass the inspection can be circulated in the market, and there is also a small brand, (that is, a hangtag) that will have a certificate of conformity, and clothing products will be marked with the name, grade, material, washing method, and ironing mark Wait, if there is no information, then be careful. This is likely to come from a small workshop product in a small corner of the country.

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Finally, look at the product evaluation. A good product is full of praise. If you are ready to start, you must read more product reviews.

The reason why the waistband can get hot is that for most consumers, not only can it be beautiful, but it can also keep in shape.