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How to take care of your underwear

2021-11-01 16:36:01
In theory, the life span of a piece of underwear is about 6-12 months, but some Jimei underwear becomes loose after less than 1 year or even 6 months, and can no longer be worn.

And some Jimei ones are still as new even after wearing them for a year? The main reason for this significant difference is probably that the maintenance methods of the underwear are different. The underwear was worn loose in a short period of time, and it is probably a deformation. If there are the following points, the underwear has been deformed.

Look at the underwear straps:

Normal underwear straps have good elasticity, while deformed underwear straps lose their elasticity, and even one is long and one short.

Look at the underwear cup:

Normal underwear cups are round and complete, while deformed underwear cups usually show cup wrinkles, heart-lifting, bending deformation of steel ring, loose bottom circumference, uneven distribution of sponge in the cup or even bulge, etc.

Look at the underwear flanks:

Normal underwear flanks are usually flat and smooth, while deformed underwear flanks often have wrinkles in the mesh of the flanks, arching of the soft bones in the flanks, and so on.

Wearing deformed underwear for a long time will not only cause certain damage to the skin of the body, but also fail to function as normal underwear.

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1: Stroke out the traces of underwear

The bending of the steel ring, the asymmetry of the cup, and other factors can cause itchy strangulation marks everywhere around the breast, and the wrinkled cup surface is also easy to show cup marks. Especially when wearing light clothes in summer, it will be particularly noticeable.

2: The shoulder strap is easy to fall off

Due to the weakening or disappearing of the elasticity of the shoulder straps, the stability of the underwear shoulder straps to the underwear will be greatly reduced. The most likely problem is that the shoulder straps are dropped. In addition, the deformation of the shoulder straps will also affect the overall wearing beauty of the underwear. Have a great impact.

3: No shaping effect

The deformation of the side wings, especially the underwear that widens the side wings, was originally used for the side breast.

4: Underwear running

In the deformed underwear, the fabric of each part loses its original elasticity, and it is easy for the underwear to run up or left and right.

One of the main culprits for underwear deformation is incorrect cleaning. Such as incorrect cleaning agent, unprotected machine washing, etc.

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What is the correct cleaning method?

1. Soak in warm water. First, put the underwear in warm water of about 30 degrees and soak for 10-15 minutes, pour the special cleaning agent for underwear in your hands and knead the foam, and put the foam on the inner side of the underwear.

2. Rub to remove dirt and press dry gently. Use the metal buckle of the underwear to rub the inside of the cup (the small piece in the picture below) to remove dirt, and then rinse with clean water to press out the excess water. Do not squeeze the underwear like wringing out clothes.

In the cleaning process, there are also several points to note: avoid using detergents that are too alkaline. Too much alkaline toiletries such as washing powder can easily cause yellowing and hardening of underwear; try to wash by hand instead of machine. If you want to machine wash, please put it in the washing bag.

In addition to the cleaning method, the wrong way of drying can also easily cause the bra to deform.

The correct way of drying should be like the following picture:

In addition to washing and drying, the correct storage of underwear can also extend the life of underwear. Normally lay the underwear flat, do not fold it, especially not to store the underwear between other clothes, so that the probability of underwear deformation will be reduced a lot.